I need a gun…or a sword…or both.

We need a new dog. I need a gun by my side at all times. The first thing I saw when I was starting to deeply fall asleep was my mom’s face. She woke me up cause of what happened the night/dawn that preceeded this very fortunate morning. haha. golly. let’s go back and turn back time six hours before this very moment. nyahaha. feeling storyteller.

After hanging up the phone, I read a few emails and articles then closed the computer. That was a little late already. a little late past midnight. I heard the other room’s door open. I thought that was my mom so i pretended to do something that made me forget how late it was. Since I still had to brush my teeth and pee and stuff, I waited till my mom closed their door. You can virtually hear everything at night in this place. It’s kind of creepy but I’ve learned how to use that to my advantage, or so I thought. Well anyway… after the door closed, I brushed my teeth and did what I had to do in the loo then went back to my room. It was a total mess when I left it. It still was. I hurriedly tidied the place so that I can sleep already. I was holding this piece of cloth and a needle when the phone suddenly rang. I remember that the first thing I had in my head was Nee calling for emergency or something. The second thing was Sadako or some other chain letter’s scary character. HAHAHAHA. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: …

Me: Hello?

???: hellooooh? (in a whispery airy kind of tone that you hear from scary movies)

then I hung up. HAHAHAHAHA. who wouldn’t be scared to hear something like that in the brink of dawn, huh?! Sooo, I instinctively ran to and banged my fists onto my parents’ room’s door. I found it open. (thank God!) I went inside and stumbled onto my dad’s feet. he was already shouting angry stuff by that time. so fast. hahaha. My mom was holding the cordless phone and asking me who the caller was. I jumped onto the bed and did what a fetus does best. hahaha. the fetal position. rocking and stuff. hahahahaha.

I told her someone was whispering and I really didn’t want to hear it. I was shaking, for crying out loud! Dad said mom shoud answer it so she can reprimand whoever was calling. “ayoko nga. ayoko bwisitin sarili ko noh” she said. haha. I hurriedly went back to my room to drop the needle and strip of cloth I was still holding. I grabbed my phone, the ipod, two pillows and my blankie then ran back to their room without looking back. Sadako must’ve been waiting by the tv in my room. hahahahahaha.

When I went back to my ‘rent’s room, I slept in between Mother Dear and Trina. Talk about getting scared. I was praying hard. Hard enough for me to feel every movement and heartbeat. HAHAHA. Well anyway, the neighbor’s car alarmed. twice. My mom didn’t move an inch. I continued to pray. Then, amidst my Daddyo’s hardcore snoring concierto, I heard a door open or move for that matter. I thought it was the maid so I waited for another moving door sound. I got what I was waiting for. Someone was trying to open the door downstairs. I felt the tremors and the thumping and bumping and stuff. My mom went to spy by the window. Dad said she should go outside, to the balcony, to check. haha. she‘s the maaan. dad said the sound was from the other house. i kept on saying it was below us. weeh. haha. they didn’t believe me. who would believe someone who was afraid of whispering hellos?!

well anyway, mom was telling me while we were listening to the silence how she felt someone forcing the door open. then the dog barked. “hala ayan na si kevin.” i was still praying by that time. i prayed for more barks. haha. okaaay fast forward. i prayed myself to sleep because i was too paranoid to even keep myself awake.

random thoughts that ran in my head last night:

  • maybe mom’s just teaching me a lesson. since i saw her phone lit, maybe she was just pranking me to make me sleep
  • she’s right beside me. she’s facing me. maybe she’ll whisper again
  • maybe i’m going to die or i’m going to meet a ghost or something.
  • maybe someone was just playing pranks or whatever.
  • i’m scared.
  • hell scared.
  • i can hear somethiiiing.
  • so there’s a burglar AND a ghost?!
  • there’s no ghost. i’m scaaared. okay i can imagine myself looking through the window and seeing a white lady looking at me holding a cellphone. she must’ve been the caller.
  • crap.
  • i want to go malling tomorrow.
  • trina’s elbow is on my forehead.
  • mom’s leg is on my other leg.
  • i want to scratch that leg.
  • why should i scratch every part of my body before going to sleep?
  • am i a cat?
  • why is my heart beating so fast?
  • we’re not going to die.
  • it’s not the end of the world yet. HA HA!
  • lucky, i didn’t pierce myself while running with that needle on my hand.
  • i’m still shaking.
  • shakey shakey, flakey flakey. oooh scary scary sht.
  • i won’t be able to sleep tonight.
  • okay i’m sleepy.
  • that image of sadako’s still in my head.
  • think of happy thoughts.
  • haaaaaaaappppppyyyyy.
  • la di da. what was that sound?!
  • arrrgh. i want to scratch my foot.
  • i miss this family.
  • i miss sleeping in this room.
  • oooh if only they let me turn the ac every night.
  • i’m really sleepy.
  • zzzzzzzzz.

hahaha funny poopie. i WAS paranoid. back to the story. mom woke me up as early as six to tell me who the real caller was. she’s ate tina. the neighbor’s maid. she was too frightened to speak that “helloooh?” was all she was able to say. she was calling since there really was a burglar climbing up my window. ooh crap. our maid and my mom told me the whole story while i was in front of the computer. as early as now. yeah huh. hahaha. by the time she called me, the fugly housebreaker was already staring up my window. crap! he saw my pretty little room AND me!!!! crazy crap. good thing i reacted that way cause he might’ve caught me doing my nightly sleeping routine and he might’ve broken the window to do things i dare not think about. naaaay. ate tina woke the neighbor to sound the alarm because by that time (i was already sandwiched by my mom and sister and i was praying haaaard, remember?) the two burglars were already eyeing their car which was parked two houses away from ours. thank God I brought my phone and the ipod with me. she said they had a knife. i had needles and pins. *let me faint now* hahaha. diiiiiie.

kevin’s weird cause he didn’t bark asap. he should have but i think one must have tried to break in while the other holding his mouth or beak or whatever. hahahaha beak wtf.

now i can’t stay up late. i’m forcing ate ging or ate alen to sleep by my side every single damned night of their lives (except after four to five years…hmmhmm.) the window’s now locked and stuff. i’m putting a million needles for that burglar to feast on. i’m going to buy a machine gun or a shotgun plus a silencer or something. ask nicki, he’s good with guns and other weapons. plus a katana and some blades(stars?!whatever) the ones you throw off to enemies. haha. and an axe and flamethrower and uhm..hmm… some firecrackers and razors and javelins and shotputs too. plus some boiling oil and a bigtime camera please. i want to film my first killing spree. haha yuck.

looks like i won’t be able to go to divi today. shame shame. i won’t be able to think straight either. i need professional help. HAHAHA. craaaazy crap. those two burglars are going to die – if not today, someday. they shouldn’t dare come near this house again or i’ll skin their bodies off. oh wait. i ‘ll let someone do that instead. eek. okay, my back’s still aching from having three pillows on my head last night, plus an ipod headphone on my back and my phone on my neck. oh trina’s elbow on my forehead and my mom’s leg on my leg and you get the picture. haha. crazy crap. i like the sound of that. forget sewing. time to sleep. toodles.


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