wish me luck on tuesday.

i slept here on the couch most of the morning since mom and ate ging left me alone and i had to wait for ate ging to come back so i can open the door for her. funny thing was i can’t remember opening the locks for her but she’s already inside. okaaaay. haha. i sleep walked/talked again.

i had a dream a while ago.~ i was playing neopets while waiting for my mom to take me to the airport. dad was even angry because i kept asking where mom was. she was driving trina to some party. oh yeah. i had 30+ minutes left till my plane leaves and i was still playing wtf neopets.~ its funny but when i opened my eyes they were welling up already. then the maid from the other house was singing “catch me i’m falling…falling fast again…maybe this time i have it all, maybe i’ll make it after all, when i fall in love” yeah huh. LSS. haha.

then i remembered someone, my family, my friends…aww mami. that was weird cause i was still dreaming even with my eyes open and wet. what will happen on my last week here? my last night? whom will i be with when i go to the airport? it seemed so real. the sadness of hugging people for the last time makes my tear glands work again. haha. i know this is overly dramatic since (i hope) i’ll be coming back this christmas season and since i don’t really see my friends even if i’m still here. nyahaha. i have to be mature enough. doh. dad says i have to work my ass off in school and if ever tita taan gives me a job in her clinic. oh i wish i can take two unrelated majors. i’m going there for my sake, for world peace’s sake too. haha.

so to all friendships out there, tell me what you want. pasalubong time. haha. the algebra 1 book in front of me reminded me how i should be reviewing by this time. there are tons of placement tests waiting for me on the other side of the world. less time, more work.i’m not making sense anymore. okay. haha toodles.


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