lip job

check the smile.

i need an antibiotic. this hurts.

the fact that i have only 3 weeks to live my normal Filipino bummer’s life is majorly stressful – or i may be stressing it too much. i normally don’t see my friends anyway. oh plus nee, he’s kind of busy till the first week of august or maybe till the end of the school year, so i can’t really bug him and stuff. aww i miss him… Now, I’m left with Singer, my handy dandy sewing machine and this computer. that’s from 730 in the morning till 6 in the evening or maybe later. i don’t know.

cut the crappy drama. it might only make matters worse.

i’ll give everybody time so i’ll shut up already, not that i can really talk anyway. every upper lip movement is painful. i can only chew with my lower lip moving cause the upper right portion is swollen. haha yuckathon. last night, while doing my habitual solo silent talk, i said i won’t react too much. hahaha. okay.

happy birthday jhongs! may all the good stuff in the world come to you and never let you go.tihee.

later we’ll be going to jhong’s place to celebrate. yey. madami sasabay. siksikan. oh anyway, let’s all wish i can go to some other place before that. haha. if you know what i mean.—scratch that. dream will come true in less than 2 hours. yipee.

faye said we have similar lives. right-oh.

she said mine’s a little bit wilder. hahahaha. i can now experience what she felt last april and october. it’s haaaard and sad. makes me go crazy at times but i should (and will, eventually) get used to this. she has, and she’s okay, i guess. is the season supposed to be fully gloomy or is it just the rain? that doesn’t make sense.

that’s it. sense. i need that. toodles.


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