don’t you get it? don’t you move.

urgh. lss. panic! the whole album. it’s great but it sucks cause every time i get the “half asleep half awake moment” their songs come in and it’s hard to go back to sleep. tonight.

grr. lss. hahaha. just got dressed for bed and i’m now waiting for my sister to come home. she’s partying at mc. haha. freakshow. update later. just had to get the lss out of my system. toodles. i miss nee btw. good luck on your refresher later. tsup. hihi.

update. trina’s hooked on panic! too. haha. this lip is killing me and my beatiful ensemble. hahaha.

went to sm cause pappy’s jologs. hihihi. my lip still hurts. i mish needoodooy. the ym password has been changed. nyahaha. or rather..will be changed. pics will be uploaded as soon as i’m in the mood. right now, it’s talking on the phone and trying to sound like some retro drug addicted mafia. my mind is on it’s way back home from vacation. wuhoo. hahaha.

random fact: i’m working for mother dear. nyahaha.

anyway, here are pictures leaked from my future multiply post. if you can’t see the latest pictures, then you’re not my contact. add me dudeee. nyahaha.

needoodoooy and moi.the partay.
clickie here.

toodles. (i forgot to put this! wahaha)


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