hell anxious.

tomorrow’s the end-of-the-world-for-me day. wish me luck. how many times have i stated this? haha.

the 25th of july is probably going to be my teenage life’s guy fawke’s 5th of november since i know i won’t live that long tomorrow. haha. bet i’ll faint with stars circling my forehead. ha. i’m scared i won’t be able to say the right answers since my braaain *ehem* is not yet home. if (i wish, hope, pray and all those verbs) i pass the interview, that would mean they’ll be allowing me to shop nonstop for the rest of my 5 year stay. nyahaha. i’m just saying this so to condition myself not to make my tear glands active again.

so anyway, if i don’t pass, i want to experience one sem in xavier, cagayan de oro. father tony’s there. hahaha. vacation pa rin. hahaha. then i’ll transfer to admu. that’s possible, i guess.

*weird * my old friend said hello…then said g2g. *nyahaha*
amidst this heavy low pressure condition, i have to fight the rain. haha. first time that i’ll be fighting it. mom said i have to get my picture taken for the nth time. the camera loves me. *giggles* HAHAHA.

i’m getting fond of the *verb* and hihihi or heehee. that’s soooo maarte. hahaha.

oh well anyway, back to the previous paragraph about me getting my picture taken. trina’s like my older sister right now. she woke me up, made me eat and reminded me to get my picture taken. i know i knoooow. O.o fine. gotta bounce beybeh.hahaha. toodles.

ps. please stop copying my style cause it’s tooooo obvious and you’re so pathetic. just so you know. 😀

my mind suddenly came to its senses and my body suddenly wanted heat. hahaha. not the you-know-what kind of heat. i want to ruuun. oh yey. the treadmill will reincarnate again. nyahaha. labo. since nee’s neither online nor replying, i’ll run till dinner instead. i’ll end this as soon as the multiply finishes uploading my pics.

i got my 2×2 pics by the way. they are hell weird. haha i looked pale and i had an obviously wet collar. haha. yikes. what if the embassy won’t accept that? duuurgh. my hair is growing. yay. these are some of my random self rants fyi. i’m making them public. hahaha.

there. the ewood album’s up. 😀

debut album next. mami called me. asked me what the embassy’s verdict is. told her tomorrow’s the day. she’s too early. hahaha. she told me she misses me. aww i miss mami too. oh well. toodles.

another edit. brand new stuff just came in:

  • “pardon my stupidity for i am not stupid”
  • i wasted 75 pesos on my 2×2 pic. mom won’t let me use it cause my ears are invisible.
  • we have to sleep early tonight.
  • i’m still having butterflies regarding the interview.
  • mom will let me stay at her office tomorrow till midnight/morning i guess. that’s why i’ll bring the following:
    • book
    • fooooood.
    • ipod.
    • camera
    • cloth and my sewing kit? HAHAHA.
    • the whole house.
  • i’ll pray all the prayers i know so that i’ll be able to be my best. haha
  • running thing was cancelled since nicki kept on standing and complaining about my speed. he wants to jog on a 1.0 setting. normal running speed is 7 to 9. haha.
  • damn internet connection. they should give me an upgrade.
  • i have to be up by 4 tomorrow. that WAS my sleeping time (before nee implemented the 12 rule which saved my life. 😛 )
  • sooo i lost my connection and i’m bored like the painting in my room. just hanging there. that’s all. ugh.
  • that’s most of it, i think. my back’s hurting. once more. haha

oh before i forget. here’s another picture cause i’m in the mood to pose. hahaha.

me and the gate.



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