ticket 1222 to the future.

if you know what i mean, you’ll find that title uber corny.catfish

i’m not saying that the future doesn’t harvest its merits back to education but that sounds too cliche. i’ll cut the looooong wait cause it will just bore you since the ennui a while ago almost buried me to hell. i’m a good person. i won’t let you die. hahahaha. cooorny. bigo

mom and i waited a tad longer than we should have because my papers were covered and piled upon.btard my mind blacked out when i needed it most. it went absolutely blank. as in. woah, is this me? am i still alive? kind of blank.esss at least i got my visa.that’s it. i’m now going to make myself useful in this world and make some impossible things happen AND study for my awaited/dreaded assessment exams (two days after my arrival there. haha sheesh.)

the clouds are falling off the sky. they are hugging the ground. come on. neeeeeeee. i need my daily dose of hug-amins. hahahaha.greaterthan

i’ll update the blog with emoticoooons. wuhoo. power fluctuation coming up. toodles.


okaaaay. i’ve got emoticons already. yifee. got them from youTardmotes by darkmoon3636 on devart. thanks a lot. copyright laws subject to them. i’ll probably be using them till i have my own. hihi. pleased

okay. i’m trying them out. wordpress should have this personalized/customizable emoticon service where people can update and use different emoticons through tags and such. like :giggles: or something. doh. whatever. trina got my speakers AND my webcam/mic. what more? the camera, this computer and my room? ugh. ohnoes

haha. i so love these emoticons. they’re the weird ones. i’m not fond of them yet but they are cute. (not cuter than the Cuties, though) smile

there’s this g4 reunion ash and ahya penpen proposed. sana matuloy.greaterthan

this has become a picture heavy blog so to all people who have slow connections, just read the feed. lol. whatev.holyshitalion to all educated people, you have classes tomorrow till deped and ched announce otherwise. toodles.pleased(by the way, this emoticon will now be toodles’ partner. until i fire that thing off its spot, it’s staying there.)


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