lexa said i’m a bum. :|

no questions asked about that. haha.

  • 1 pm became the day’s waking time.
  • ran/brisk walked for 15 minutes (instead of 2 hours. HAHAHA)you
  • did bea’s proposed arm rotations for …5 minutes.
  • had a chat with faye.

that’s all. it’s 2:56 in the afternoon and i want to go back to sleep or eat or something. i’m in the mood to swim..maybe a hundred laps or not.ohnoes

nee said these emoticons aren’t cute. wahaha. fiiiine. i’ll create my own. square or oblong shaped ones. hihihi. i’ll stop using the weird ones. back to whatever it is i was ranting about. faye said i should make the most of my time here. sure. i’ll try to be as productive as an ant. it’ll require magic. hahahaha.

 why are most hit songs based on jealousy or some bad lesson? i’m not sure but that’s what i’ve observed. don’t care.

okay. this is all blabber. toodles. edit later.


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