Or So I Thought.

I took another IQ test from this certain site. Ardo and I tried this last summer. Guess what? I think I actually have a brain right now. hahaha. From 122, if I remember correctly, to 133. That’s weird. I suddenly have superior IQ but I feel like I’m so airheaded. hahahaha. It might probably be fooling me. Oh well. I wish the placement test is like that. hahaha. I woke up relevantly early today cause I was having rashes again and I had to do something. heehee. Now I’m interested in making emoticons but I bet I’ll back off the computer anytime now cause my head and jaw and neck friggin hurts like maaaad.

Vanilla Vanilla, my perfume said. I’m going to leave Manila Manila in a few days. My mom’s stressing it out every time she sees me. I won’t see Daddyo starting Sunday cause he’s going to China. Yey China! I’ll make him buy me stuff. Hehe. I’ll let Mami stay here for a week. She promised.

Tomorrow, Lexi and I are going back to our Alma Mater then we’ll head off to our future/supposed to be university. Golly. I’ll treat them tons of pishbols and skwidbols and isaws. hahaha yikes. That might hinder me from leaving since I might get sick. hahaha. hepa. thyphoid. oh since it’s rainy, dengue.. the list goes on. haha.That’ll happen next week. Alexa has an art class. hahaha.
Gosh. There’s a looooot to do. From the postponed medical check ups to sewing, packing and buying stuff, I may not finish them all. Grr. Guess I’ll have to bounce my way through the list. Toodles. Update later. I’ll cut this entry short.

Today has been such a productive day, I may say. wahahaha. NOT. I made two bags (and counting)!! They have beaaads. haha. Even if my eyes are still swollen and weird looking, I managed to insert the thread through the needle’s eye. whew. Mommy called. She cried. I cried too (after the phone call. haha. i’m too shy. haha). My cd’s are all mounted on my wall. The desk looks tidier. My kikay kit seems complete. I’ve made the list mother dear tells me to make. My room’s a mess. The swimming plan has been launched. hahaha. there. isn’t it full of productivity?! hahaha.

oh yeah. i also started making my own emoticons though they aren’t consistent. wanna see? even if you don’t want to look at them, I’ll be posting. hahaha. close your eyes if you despise such cute creatures.
the animation on the first is supposed to be subtle.emo1

the second one’s simply sweeet. hahaha. instead of the cheeks blushing, it should’ve had  red ears. hahaha. emo2-kissblush.gif

there. my consistency’s gone. the last one is some plain old circular ecstatic emoticon.  emo2

no stealing. miiiine. toodles.


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