becoming. bored. bum. brat. boeing 747. (give me any title that starts with b)

my glasses got their first debut scratches from trina. thank you very much. at least i got some of them smeared off. the flight this saturday leaves at 10 pm. i’ll arrive there 7:40pm. bet my eyes will have been puffied up when i get there. err i’m not sure of my grammar anymore. hahahahaha.

today’s itinerary… neopets till 830.***pickup mommy.* salon (cellophane baby!).* shop with mom.* g4 with camp mates (dinner and movie).* go home.*

* insert : i miss nee so much. emo2

wahaha. i’ll have 3 pairs of glasses. yey. one blue, one black…maybe one yellow? oh pleaaaase let me have one yellow pair. hahaha. if not yellow, i want hmm.. white/red/green/orange/purple? hahaha, but that’s so old school.emo1

i don’t know how i’ll cram everything in less than a week’s time but hey, this is good. at least i’m productive. haha. oooh, i’m a few steps closer to wp. hihihi.

that’s all. toodles. got most of the to-do stuff crossed out. yey. ahya penpen, nina, kuya ejay, kuya paul and kuya lai and anak calops…err kinukuya pa ba kayo? hahaha. thaaaanks a lot. i really had a great time 😀  too tired to extract the details. check my multiply whenever. got the pics from ahya. i’m going school hopping next week. nyahaha. okay. that’s all. i miss nee. toodles.


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