i found this on some old entry. little do i know that i had at least a drop of creativity in me. my entries were so weird. haha talk about self criticism. -_-

chant this: trisha, thy cuteness, please come back to thy right mind. oh gods of cutiedity, let trisha come back to sanity and grant her all the wishes she may wisheth.ahem.

i’m in this dark room. mami got up because i’m using the computer. the maid’s going to sleep here and i’m going to sleep beside my dad for one last time before i leave and before he does. (awww. nyerks. haha.) i’ll miss him. i’m also writing right now cause i’m burning every millisecond that slowly passes me by… i’m waiting for someone… ngarr. haha.

err. whatev. sudden shift of weather. down to stormy possession with some drizzles of anticipation. i want to talk to you. toodles.


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