sexi lexi, this one’s for you.

haberdee lexi. hihi. advance pa oh. :p

the day passed on without us even noticing. here’s how:

-> jhonah came here around 11:45. -> mom drove us to mcdo and we met lexi, franics, kdv and MAAAAE there. -> drove to gateway. ->went to different places to look for taco bell but later on decided to eat at italiannis. ->found the place. ->ate and ate and …ate. -> loved the bread. they kept on guessing the ingredients. haha ->picture picture. -> went several floors up. ->picture picture. ->watched the break-up. ->mae cried. ->it was freezing cold. ->drove back home.

that’s the summation. i’m still feasting on the day’s afterglow so i’m not really into storytelling right now. it was fun to meet up with my high school friends. haha. i really miss them. oh ayan na. parinig nio kay *blogger* hahahahaha.

i’m currently filling the following week’s schedule. nyahaha. the word “basically” is stuck to my noodle. fuuun. toodles.


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