i missed…

…another chance to call nee. UNgreat. 😦

even if i have these good intentions and ideas, i keep on busting them up. aww. i’m so sorry. i’ve said that line over and over again but i can’t seem to get things right…or maybe i’m born wrong. i hope not. why do i keep on disappointing people? i mean, sheesh, sorry okay? i can’t reason out cause i don’t want to sound too miserable cause i already am. wish you’d understand that this is my final week and a little consideration could help. i’m sorry.

i’m scared.i’m sorry.i’m wrong.i’m always wrong.


nee, i’m really sorry. please don’t tell me that you won’t expect too much anymore. it makes me feel bad. sorry 😦


these new glasses are killing me. i mean, my body has this suicidal mode turned on. not that i want to kill myself. my back and neck hurt. my feet are chillin. haha. the right side of my head feels like its pulsating. my eyes are strained and weird. i even feel bad inside. to compensate for all the negativity in my body, perhaps i should take an ice bath tomorrow. i don’t know. or i should drink all the water or something. wash away, bad spirit. bring me back to my nee. 😦



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