uncomb me.

i haven’t seen the comb yet so…there. O.o that’s what you call cam-googling.

i’m not camwhoring. a whore is someone who trades and compromises her own principles in exchange for another thing, for a personal gain. ugh. pertaining to principles, it is in my book that i take pictures of myself…which leads to…non compromised principles. -_- no whoring. my glasses are made of metal (dunno which) in the front and a combination of metal and plastic on the sides. can’t believe new balance also has glasses. lol. it’s matte chrome in the front and dark yellow in the sides. makes me feel like i’m back in chem class with the lab goggles. effin weird. my right eye’s problem got better! haha. in one month, from 175 down to 125. yey.


1. glasses. 2. cd wall. 3. don’t even ask.

i’ve been amazingly productive. productivity speaks of doing something for the world. yes, i did it all for world peace. right now, i’m hesitating on making back-ups and using the computer. there’s a snail running inside it, not a motherboard or some other gadget whatchamacallit. opening this window took <insert long number here> seconds. isn’t that great?

i need a cd case/book so that i can easily take it with me. anyone? hahahahaha. ms malayas once gave me this certain cd case and it’s still with me. hehe. high school memorieeees. -_-

okay. that’s all cause i want to be more productive today so that i can save the world from boredom tomorrow. btw, i miss my nee. (you probably know that by now.) toodles.


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