bad dream.=nightmare.

that tsunami dream almost choked me to sleep. nuff of that; i should be forgetting it all by now. i made a list of all the lists i made today!!!

  • to do list.
  • online account list.
  • to bring list.
  • picture list.
  • inventory list.
  • listlistlist.

haha. i’m obssessed with making lists. (but i’m more obssessed with you know whom. hahahahaha.) update this later. the pc’s screwing my day. toodles.

bollocks. all i did was check the cd’s if they’re still useful or if they had interesting content. the ones that failed the test became a part of my wall of shfame. wahaha. i’m slowly filling the wall. yey. haha. it has been three days straight since i’ve seen any friends out of this house. hahaha. golly. i need to get out of this place. the trip to holy was cancelled. my sewing session, too. i ate one box of carbonara for lunch and merienda; i also had chili cheese flavored green peas for breakfast. isn’t it satisfying?! haha. yikes.

more to come if i’m bored again. toodles.

off to UP and SHS tomorrow. 😀 jhonah, lexi, tara. let’s go back to the days when we wrote on tables and jumped on benches…and stayed till 6 to take pictures and look for treasures. wahaha.

freaking placement test. i don’t want to study. wahaha. i feel soooo ..dumb. looks like i need a boost. ugh. toodles.


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  1. trisha
    Aug 02, 2006 @ 16:49:48

    i’ll comment. i’m not productive anymore 😦 how sad. eating one big box of pasta is NOT good. happy birthday to lexiiii 😀


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