got plans?

yes, we DID. hahaha. lexa and i wanted to go tripping in UP but it got cancelled for the nth time. ma, mami and i went to metrowalk to have lunch with ninang mia instead. she gave me this hip (that’s my relative’s brand of clothing) yellow jacket. haha. thanks 😀

i’m temporarily at home cause mom went to the bank to settle the house issues. haha. after that, she’s going to take me anywhere i want. she wants to go to landmark -_-. okay, mother dear, i’m coming with you…as long as i get to buy 10 pairs of shoes. haha kidding.

wordpress released a new widget called the meebo me widget. oh goody. i’m going to try it out. tita cynthia, tito buddy (err should i mention the whole family? hahaha) ate michelle, bj and gabby sent a cake. wahahaha thanks 😀

i have to study again. i’m reviewing angeom cause i’m done with mental math. wahaha. up next is algebra and advanced algebra…and more math. ugh. okay. i’m back to square one: the cartesian plane. wahahahaha. toodles.

mom and i went shopping. err…for socks and a new pair of shoes. yey. i want more. -_-

dad’s message made me cry

but i held it back at once. haha. maybe we should cut the tears, the water level’s rising.toodles.


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