one helluva big adventure.

if i say that this post doesn’t mean anything, would you dare believe me? maybe not.

this night may be a simple ordinary evening for some; it may be one crazy party night…or a late overtime workathon for workaholics. for one, let’s just say: this night be her last Filipino eventide. it’s not much of a big deal for some other people but it is for her.

(don’t you just love talking about yourself in the third degree pov? heehee)

thanks to all of you for making this night such a meaningful and happy one. you kept me from crying my eyes out. haha. (i’m trying hard to control it right now, by the way. haha) through all the funny business and monstrosity i’ve gone through, you have always been there to zap me back to reality. even the drama was worth it.

i have 23 +/- hours left till my flight, till I can finally say adios, Filipinas. I guess after a while, the homesickness will be gone, and I shall be concentrated on my studies and in making World Peace happen. Wish me luck, people. (wahaha do i have the right to say “repapips“? not in my vocab. wahaha.) these times are good for reminiscing don’t you think?

lexa: whaddup daaaaaawg?!; halleeeeew!

mae: where we will go? where we will go?; my golly bananas!

jhonah: pat’am talaga!; ahahaha ang cute oooh!

franics: ay sus!; kamusta ka naman?!

krizza: nakakainis ka naman! ang sama sama mo sakin!

people, wag kayo tamarin mag ym, pleeeease? hahaha. let’s all get our voip’s and what-box alexa was talking about so that i can call you. my number will roam till i buy a new sim there. wuhoo. please don’t send chain messages or you’ll get more of them. we they got the new house, btw.

i love manila even if it’s stinky and humid and all the you-know-what’s. i’ll miss my “lupang sinilangan” and surely i won’t forget it. onli in da pilipins. this is the place where extremes and mainstream collide. ’tis the place where I made my “reading reFort”. -_-

adieux. in my old post: i will carry your heart. i will carry you in my heart.

toodles. paalam.



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