oh frick.

i made one lengthy post but it got deleted. thanks, wordpress.  it was about my flight. yes, the long overdue topic. i’m not in the mood to repeat it again but i will care to enumerate the events. haha.

  1. woke up with my mom hugging my.
  2. salon.
  3. lunch.
  4. jhonah’s and lexa’s shopping.
  5. delaying tactics.
  6. car.
  7. up.
  8. car.
  9. airport.
  10. plane.

details? naaah. i’ll tell you when i’m in the mood. right now, it’s all about…i don’t know, relaxing? haha. mabye i’ll just post some pics?  the phones here are cheap. you can buy a motorazr for less than 5k. isn’t that sweet? my room..and the whole apartment is cool. so cool. even the dog is cool. it’s hot outside though. 100+F this week. talk about hottt. the placement exams were not that hard but not too easy either (bumagsak daw ako eh noh hahaha) it’s intermediate algebra and plane geometry. wish i get that course. it’s already three units. i’m going to choose my subjects during tues and thursday so that i’ll get to join the family whenever they want to take the weekend off.

they bought me a phone. ask me the new number cause i’m not sending it to the world. i’m not stupid. haha. you can ask me the old number too. tomorrow will be another orientation/counselling session till 3pm. what the heck. i don’t even have friends yet. most of them speak chinese. wtf. i should’ve learned all the languages while i was still in the philippines!!! better start now than later, don’t you think?
i’ll take a bath in a while to start my 21-day routine practice (thanks ms. malayas. haha) cause I really need to discipline myself. at least my room is clean!!! fortunately, so is my skin. i mean, i’m not getting pimples here unlike in the philippines where i get major breakouts on my back. ugh.
chloe’s tinkering with my garbage can and hamper. she’s such a cute cross-breed. she knows how to turn, walk, crawl, get her toys, get her leash, pee (when told to do so), eat (also when told to do so), roll over, jump, lick people’s faces, bite their fingers, destroy my bathroom rug, get my sweater, look at me in the eye and play tag. wahaha. wonderful.

did you know that in making English essays, it’s mostly made up of 4 paragraphs. one for the intro, two for the body and one for the conclusion. to SAT and TOEFL takers, use that. It’ll help. (during my time i used 3 that’s why i passed/failed) haha.

I miss my friends and family. I miss everybody. Love y’all. Just leave a message on my meebo and tell me who you are so that I can tell you my numbers. Pictures to be added later. Toodles.


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