nightmares should diiiie.

Another nightmare busted my morning. It’s the kind of nightmare where you CAN’T or where you find it HARD to wake up. It was all running and carrying heavy stuff. So what will this be, a dream diary? hahaha.

Anyway, the dream was about me going back there. Nee and I went out but when Mom came, they had a fight – a funny kiddie kind with the fits and faces. We were supposed to go somewhere. I got lost in the middle of the road. I was standing on the edge of some elevated road where I can see the people living there below. Someone beside me dropped a loofah. The people down there threw it up. There came a time when the person beside me drop two loofahs and the person down the platform made me jump to get it. I said no but still jumped in then went out. I suddenly realized that the person beside me was Ate Alen. I turned around to see one vendor then another. We previously had our backs to a wet market (hahaha mae!!!). I went in a few steps then realized that I saw Nicki. I called my Mom and they were looking for him too.

This became the start of my pursuit. I grabbed him and carried him with me. The way outside looked waaay farther. By the time I got out, I was holding another kid. Ugh. I went in again. This time, through the back then I jumped at some elevated seats at the wall. I used some paintings to cover me. Nicki grew YOUNGER. He looked like the baby nicki boy we all used to like. hahaha. Anyway, as I walked on the elevated whatnot, I ended up in a party. It was a party that had its seats elevated almost to the top of the wall then a dancefloor downstairs. It looked to fab by the way. I met a friend. I forgot who she/he was but I asked for some help. There was this other person (of the same gender as with my friend) who was trying to get a date. hahaha funny. I said no then pointed a random person. They were okay but I still asked for some jelly from the guy. As I went outside, I found out that it’s a mall. I saw my mom and my old classmates’ moms and mami too. I also saw my classmates. I gave Nicki to one of the mothers who has this big black bag. Think of airport luggage with nicki in it. hahaha. They went on and I went back to the bar/whatever it was. The people were gone and someone was investigating on the stuff I left. As I hurriedly tried to get my things unnoticed, I saw a bouncer and he was going to get nicki back. The market ladies wanted to claim him as their kid. OH NOES. The end.

THAT is what I saw in my 5 hours of snoozing uncontrollably. Probably I’ll go back to sleep as Nee goes too. I scratch everything when I’m sleepy. (think of scratching your head, tummy, arms, back, legs, head, tummy, arms, back, legs…) I guess my scalp is bleeding already haha.


I’ll do the laundry and clean the bathroom sink today. hahaha. talk about being responsible. I’ll also study some chem and sleep some more. If Tita Bebe wants to go shopping, let’s get it on. I still owe trina her holl tops haha. Okay. Another long post from another long nightmare. Gotta snooze yo. Toodles.


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