Still Sick.

I’m on self medication and I feel like I’m going to have a fever. Anyway, I had a hard time going back to sleep this morning due to various reasons I’m not in the mood to enumerate. I rushed taking a bath and eating so that I’ll be able to get to the waitlisted Math exam. We arrived just in the nick of time. Well, burn my luck cause I forgot to sign up (even though the standby list was already gone haha) that’s why I missed the 9am math test. The girl said we should make an appointment at the appointments counter. I went in line and finally spoke with the person there. What’s so funny yet frustrating was that we couldn’t really understand each other. I was saying fourteen, dude, and he was like, the tenth? so you need your results on the tenth? uuuugh. He made me sign this appointment form and told me that the next available appointment is on the 20something-th. By the time I finished it (I had a hard time cause I had this envelope and bag and jacket on both hands), I saw the couple beside me signing the waitlist form for the 1pm math exam on the same day. I gave him the list and told him I’ll sign up for today. That’s what I kept on telling him. Dumb butt.haha. mean.

I called my aunts then waited for about half an hour there then I walked and waited by the sidewalk in front of the performing arts building. Loli and Tita Lyn fetched me then we headed to Kaiser to get Loli’s medics. They were already starving so Tita Lyn drove along Amar (which is very, inevitably long). A gazillion intersections and stoplights cut us through but we still got to Loli’s salon. We dropped her off then bought Jollibee, of all restaurants. hahaha. I ate in the car. I survived the 100F oven like passenger seat while eating burger steak. I waited there till Loli made me go outside. It was obviously cooler. hahaha. Some old guy came to me and asked what the restaurant was (I sat on one of the chairs outside). It was el tropicana or something. Loli scared me and told me that guy might kidnap me or something so I went back till Tita Lyn was done with her hair. They dropped me at Mtsac for my now-scheduled exam. I sat there to wait since I had an hour to spare. The person on my right who was reviewing some yellow paper asked me to answer the reviewer. haha. The questions were hard but tolerable. haha.

Two girls then sat beside me. They’re taking up nursing. Why do most teens want to be nurses? Time came when the standby people were allowed to go in. We had 45 minutes to answer 45 damned math questions. I wish I pass. The passing score is 50%. For some of the questions I didn’t know, I just bubbled the cutesy letters. haha. Tita Taan fetched me then passed me onto Tita Lyn. They took me home and ate here for a while.

I still feel sick. A while ago, Chloe and I played tag and all those doggy dogg things. By the time my body nearly collapsed on my bed, she pissed on it. Bad giiiirl. Now she’s uber quiet and obedient hahaha.

My bed is currently naked and I waaaant to sleep. I’m dying to. I need to. haha enough. Maybe I’ll go swimming tomorrow. I’m not sure what’s in store for Friday and Saturday but on Sunday, my cousins and Tita Lyn and I are going to knottssssss. They’re going to teach me how to drive and take the bus and stay at shopping centers whenever I don’t have classes. hahaha.
I’m currently missing my Nee. šŸ˜¦ I miss those blushing ears. Toodles.

I slept most of the afternoon and had this disturbing dream. The only part I can remember was that I was browsing at some place.

There were two of us – another girl and me. The guy at the counter made her go some place else (like in a movie, I can see where they were going). They went inside the door behind a mirror which led to his room then they went to another room. It was full of shoes and it looked like a parking lot. I went outside then like some vortex or whatever, I found myself at the fountain in mtsac. Some person was sitting at the bench and called out to me: told ya not to connect with exes unless you want to kill them.

I walked forward then I was suddenly in a room. There was this big fat mafia person and he was threatening to kill me. He held back then made me see his ID. It was something like the 8th whatever. It was about some belief which will someday ruin the world or whatnot. I forgot the exact name. I wanted to kill him but he was obviously bigger given the fact that he was already sitting down and I was standing up and we were already seeing each other in straight to the face. I went out as soon as possible then I was suddenly beside some other person. I think I know him. He was talking to two oriental people. The lady was reprimanding him then she suddenly kicked thin air threatening him to kill him and to hurt me. The guy walked past them but I wanted to defend his rights so I said to the lady, you shouldn’t do that. if you’re going to touch me, I’m going to kill you or I’ll call the police. Obviously the lady taunted and pinched my toe. (hahaha) I did something to hurt her then left.

The next scene was at some home. I looked for some of my family but they weren’t there. I killed the maid and some kid. oh my gosh. I really felt the guilt there. The kid died because I stabbed him once then made him do something I’m not particular of. I stabbed the maid with some pen. She’s like barbie – made of plastic. haha. Weird. The kid died but the maid didn’t. I went to the mall with her following me. Her height surprisingly decreased. We both had a hard time running. One vendor held her back as I ran towards the other end of the mall. She was still right behind me. After I got rid of her, I heard the news. The kid’s mom called the police. They said the killer moved to La. I was like…okay. I’m the killer and I’m in front of you and I want to confess cause I was brainwashed by that freaking big guy a while ago that’s why I killed the two.

The dream ended cause Tita Taan called me up for dinner. We ate steak. I remembered someone who loves steak. haha. The unit downstairs got raided. Cheesemax. SGURD people, sgurd. I’m still sleepy and maybe I’ll sleep again in a while. People, that’s just a dream, okay? I don’t kill people. The temp’s so freaking weird. I need moooore sleep. I’m wearing sheep. Yey. This looks like the first complete entry during my stay here. haha. finally, I have time. This place tires me a lot, no idea why. haha. Flickr pics uploaded. Toodles.


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