i own rivers…and waterfalls of blood.

i’ll be learning the art of direct confrontation – if there’s such one. my brain and reproductive system ruined my day – just the shopping part. in the morning, we talked to the person in the math and computer science department. they’re letting me in cause the people in the admissions center are so <toooot>. i’ll be getting 15.5 units instead of 18.5. I dropped hist1 (us history) because they won’t let me take more than the 18-unit limit.

here’s my schedule, which is pretty good cause i made it. hahahahaha. yes, i am excited to tell this to the world. i am excited to finally go back to school. hahaha. geekish. -_-.

Monday and Wednesday:

9:45 – 12:00        csci110 (fundamentals of computer science)

2:15 – 4:20         engl68 and engl10 (english writing and writing enhancement)

4:30 – 6:35         span1 (elementary spanish.wahaha)

Tuesday and Thursday: (this is a looooong day. mwahaha)

4:30 – 6:35         math160 (precalculus mathematics)

basically, that’s 4 subjects all in all if it wasn’t for engl10 which i didn’t really want to take but i’ve got no choice since the prof requires it. 15.5 units. 3335 buckies. gosh. better get straight 4.0s or i’m going down the drain.

tita taan bought me two callcards today. yey. i’ll call lucky people back home. hahaha. i miss nee…emo2-kissblush.gif…and his blushing ears. hahah.

i want to sleep again. i also want to eat… oh and do some blood pumping moves. i have a mat already. haha. yey. almost all my new things are red. it’s either red, white, black or yellow. that’s it. i bought too many notebooks. emo2 toodles.


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