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so okay my post on this got deleted. . . . . . is my only source of music right now. i miss nee. i’m paranoid. nee i want to talk with you till december comes. hahaha. i miss home. maybe that’s all i’m saying for the past few days and heck it’s true so wtf i miss home. all i get are freaky stories of broken relships. that’s what makes me paranoid – but that’s okay. it’s not in nee’s vocabulary, neither in mine. that’s comforting enough.

this morning i ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill then we had to eat already. i ate two chicken pieces and 1/3 a cup of rice. wahaha. so much for walking. i’ll do a gazillion situps and whatnots later. a million laps in the pool too. butt enhancements won’t do me any good. 3 pack abs ha. hahaha. tita gina’s got abs too. flABS. hahahaha. i can’t really run on their treadmill. it can be heard all throughout the house. -_-

oh goody. i gotta bounce cause i’ll talk with faye pa. people, please pray for world peace to hasten its arrival. amen. toodles. so okay. i’m addicted to running and the thought of swimming hahaha. i got pissed with tita gina this afternoon. i’m also going to sleep after this because i HAVE to sleep early so i can wake up early to talk with nee cause i miss him already. haha. yey. toodles.


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