i want to swiiim.

it came to me only now. my dream 3 to 5 years ago materialized already. now i have a new one. that’ll be possible in 4 to 5 years’ time. hihihi. there’s no more time for running and swimming today, i guess. i have to study chem for another placement exam tomorrow. ugh. i’m in tita irene’s room researching about freaking chemistry instead of swimming down there. i miss diving and getting belly flops. hahaha.

omfg. wordpress allows video uploading…not that i have videos to upload. haha. okay. i have to study really fast so that i can swim too. toodles. edit this later. we swam for two hours and i got a tan i’ll whiten for two years. the veggie burger is yummy. i have to study again. wooord. i wish i can rearrange the map and make the philippines and california right next to each other. kris and tita gina are watching a baseball game so it’s just loli, camille, ches and me left.

chemistry. yey. my once favorite subject is now my midsummer day and night’s burden. nee’s right. chemistry’s not fun.better get mama torrbs back. haha. criss cross mehn!!! there are a lot of good movies to watch and i’d love to watch them with you. the new pw-protected site is for priviledged people only. that means one. yes, it grants access to only one person whom i gave the password to. toodles.


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