another emotional attack came during my sleep and i can’t control my heart rate right now. cute but weird and i-don’t-know-what-to-say dream. it’s hard to breathe, even. wtf. i woke up every 15 minutes just to check if you’re there and now you don’t want to talk. thanks. this came to me as a great opportunity to call there cause i’m alone at home. Oh anyway, sure, I’ll give you time. 🙂 i hope things will be all right by then. emo2-kissblush.gif

Thanks Juno for that pretty pic of angel locsin. hahahahaha. Thanks The Calling. That’s their song on the title. Try listening to it. The song’s pretty good. first three lines? I will be there.Always waiting.Waiting for you.

I think I’ll get stuck with the calling, lifehouse, nickelback and the like. they’re off the mainstream but i’m in the so-what mood. it’s 824. relevantly early for me to be up and about. Better get ready for the chem exam. The words get dissolved in the space between my eyes and my mental organ. do you call it the brain? I don’t know where it all ends up. I’m now praying that this be all right and that I’ll get at least 50% of my exam. I hate poignant attacks just like the one in my dream. I had to wear yucky slippers and join a team who’ll save the universe of that set of diseases. one’s called vegneta. haha. whatta term. I just don’t like the last part. I became thumbelina. gaaaawsh. 😐 i’ll never get tired of saying this (maybe till 4-5years’ time. haha): i miss my nee. Toodles I’m here in tita irene’s room waiting for nee’s reply. guess what people. i got 26/44 in chem. wtf. hahaha. so much for reviewing and not understanding anything. i still passed. they’re going to swim. i’m going to sit back and wait for nee while listening to the new found playlist and while drinking fruit shakes and eating baked chocolate chip cookies. i know they don’t complement each other. bleh. i miss home. when kris put his head on cheska’s shoulder, i remembered nicki. ooooh. i miss them so much. i miss nee soooo much. toodles.


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