still stuck on Anything.

do you know the funny and bright feeling after you’ve just watched a comedy? well, we watched one but i’m surprised i’m not happy with the movie. it’s really good. nah. it was corny: you me and dupree. okay. it was funny but. there’s just this second voice in my head telling me that i really want to go home. that voice is right. on the car i found myself praying for a miracle that’ll hold me together and keep me from freaking out. it’s probably the first time we haven’t talked for this long. i guess this is the price of waiting, that which i’m willing to pay. i’m going nuts cause i don’t know whats happening. great..

dang. i want to hit something with something else. this place is lonely. i miss my mornings, afternoons and nights with you. wish i had someone to talk to right now. i feel like i’m such a loonnneeeer. wahahaha. 😐 not funny. patty asked me how i am. the bad mood came in again. i’ll hope the world turns upside down, inside out then outside in, downside up. won’t that be fun? i wish the world is flat so that we won’t have to worry about timezones anymore. 😐 heck it’s hard living in two countries at the same time. you’ve probably noticed that i keep on stressing that i’m having a hard time here. think about: not seeing your family, nee, good ol’ pals and the rest of the country…and forcing yourself to speak slang that you yourself can’t understand…aaand wearing a black shirt plus two sweaters on top and still shiver because of the freezing aircon…and getting rashes from the harsh water… plus, constantly getting flashbacks from my previous unreincarnated life there. yada yada. you prolly knew all o’ this. that’s deep crap. am i in deep crap?

i don’t want to leave the house today. i might step into more crap. hell, this playlist makes me sad, though i already am, to start with.

toodles. not fun saying that without nee around.

i don’t know what had just happened but i’m sure these eyes won’t get de-puffied out till tomorrow. my pair of white pants turned blue ftw. i had to bleach it thrice to get at least a sky blue color. the abercrombie shirt has a weird torso stitch. haha. greeeeat. we’re going to the 5pm mass later. i’d pray that we be okay and that you wake up to a brand new happy happy amishmishooooo day, nee. emo2-kissblush.gif let’s be in a very very veeeery good mood cause i’m really homesick and i want to be happy talking with you. that’s the nearest thing I can be in order to feel at home.emo2 toodles.

needoodoooy and moi.


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