cause i want to.

tonight, i shall prove my self proclaimed feeling/very redundant proclamation: i want to be a little practical and help people. *tink*

  • when washing the clothes, don’t mix white pants with jeans even if those pants have the texture of jeans. that would freaking waste your heavenly white pair.
  • drink water. water. water. or shakes. šŸ˜€
  • exercise people. don’t simply go on diets and complain that you look flabby. look who’s talking. hahaha.
  • watch these cause they’re worth (haven’t watched some of these though.): nacho libre. dead man’s chest. the producers. you, me and dupree. invincible. accepted. step up. the guardian. wtc. the illusionist. beerfest (it’s about beer don’t ask.). the last kiss. the black dahlia. ant bully. monster house. the lake house.
  • please, don’t watch snakes on a plane. would you like to waste 500 pesos/ 10 dollars on a movie about snakes on a plane?!
  • if you’re going to a desert, make sure you’re not wearing jabaricious clothes.
  • smile.
  • listen to: anything by the calling. far away by nickelback. made for each other by jack’s mannequin.
  • control yourself…in spending too much. think of bigger things to spend your money on. hehehe.
  • breathe. hold it if someone farts.
  • don’t copy other people’s works/articles. that’s so wrong. it’s illegal too, you know.
  • don’t call me your mistress cause i’m absolutely not. nor will i ever want to.

savvy? toodles.


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