rushing to the sea, you and me.

directionless scratches sometimes end up cutting through the skin – just like what i did on the corner of my right eye. my unfortunate eye has become very unkind. it’s hot and i can’t close my right eye without giving me another stingy pinch. i’d rather have the other kind of sting. haha.

my multiply site’s banner transformed into a personalized blueberry header. yey. i’ll sleep at my cousins’ place tomorrow. kris is begging for his 10k nps. photomanips tomorrow morning/later. plan of action: unpredictability. i can’t sleep yet cause if i do, i’d die freezing. i have to have my heart pumping first – i’d do what nee told me to do so. haha. exercise. wahahaha. awaiting me is a promising morning. mom will call here. yey. to the one who’s playing soccer right now (and who’s got the oh so great calculator), did you know that i miss you very very much? i bet you do. šŸ˜€

turn the tables. i want to go to koi, too. maybe someday. toodles.
good morning world. good night world. a surprising impulse to wake up and i don’t know – sleep again – haunted my dreams. i feel dizzy. mom called. we talked for 5 minutes. i miss them sooo much. that line looks oh so overused but nooo, i love it. haha. $1185 to go. i’ve got…$15. that’s like…a hundred more jobs to finish. nee, i’ll go home….with the same body mass as before.. wahaha. bawal tumaba.

this dawned onto me: i should stop being cheesy. that even rhymes. time to take on an unpredictability case. i’ll be on hiatus for a day or two. i don’t know. i’m supposed to be..surprising. hahaha. check my main multiply acct. say goodbye to the old one.

oh fine. i can’t get enough of writing my thoughts down. why? cause i’m bored and i’m freaking having pulpitations again. wwwweeeeird. i slept for less than an hour then i woke up in the middle of a dream i can’t remember. now my heart beat’s going faster by the second and my mind’s going to places i don’t like. pleeease stop.

before i forget, i found this on my drafts in my phone: top this: not a promise, nor a deal, it’s a vow i’m willing to swear and make across and inside my heart cause i know you are and will be the only one inside it. yes dear friends, another jumbled heart-felt cheesy line i thought of before leaving. now i know why i’m acting all jumpy and weird. tell me something i don’t know or yet something sweet, will you? that simple…though i really shouldn’t ask for it. hahaha. love all. toodles.


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