i know you care. sooooo much! :D

let’s go back. let’s rewind to the days that remind me of all the good times that we’ve spent together and i don’t know why we just let it all slide when we both knew inside we were right for each other. whaaamygollybananaswithacherryontopandsomechocolatefudgeinthebottomwithsomeicecream. lss.

freaking pulpitations. i’m in deep crap. deep crappiness i tell you!bwahaha-and there i go still laughing huh?

have i ever told you that i’m in DEEP DEEEEEP crap? wait. here’s more. i’m beneath 90134189764192837461239485miles of head-banging, nose-killing, loads and loads of sticky gooey multicolored CRAP. more veronica mars today. pluto’s not a planet anymore. i need a moisturizer. that’s about it.

i want to feel ANGUISH and DEPRESSION so that i’ll get HIGH. haha. if i’d complain and complain here and there, what would the world do? nothing. better get off my butt and start working things out.


yes. i did do something though it’s not in the category “productive”. the classification? “EATING LIKE A PIG AND BEING REALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT” category. -_- now I don’t feel so good. Christian Louboutin please. Target will do. oh. it’s 3.5″ high. i’ll be..5’2.5″! hahaha. toodledoo!


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