oh noes

2.5 days to go. 200 calories to burn. ngarr. curse you pop tarts!!! ants in my bathroom -_- fine. time to clean it.

yey. let’s try the good the bad and the ugly!

the good: no more ants.
the bad: i ate more food. -_-
the ugly: my room’s a mess and i spilled water on my shorts.
the beauuuutiful: nicki’s sooo talkative. hahahaha.

now on the 17th episode of Veronica Mars. one made me cry wtf. hahaha. tita taan said we’ll eat out for dinner sooo i don’t know. i want to watch veronica mars! hahaha. after that will be desperate housewives then heroes on monday. will someone please watch The Last Kiss with me. i need friends here. halloooo. should i import you all from the pearl of the orient? hihi. toodles.edit till we live forever. mwahaha. <–that’s freaky. didn’t know where that came from. dumdeedum.

can you see the words written on the top of this window? yes, in the title bar. that’s going to be official on the 28th of August, 2006 on 9:45 am. It’ll last probably for 16 weeks then I’m back to bumming again – and I’m hell excited! wahaha. this paragraph is so self-possessed. hehehe. i guess it’s probably time to get it all over with. i may feel homesick but heck not all the time. that’s so stupidly tiring. i know i can always go back home. i am home and they are here – in the 99 walls of my heart. 😀 haha KESO!

what’s with the 99<insert noun here> anyway? i was in love with my 99 red balloons. i still am, frankly, but hey even if there’s no copyright or trademark on it or anything, may i pleeeease claim it? hahaha. i even brought my first big unfinished drawing of 99 red balloons here. mwahaha. see how i’m uber obssessed? possessed? the problem is…  i don’t freaking have the real tangible ninety-nine bright shimmy shiny helium pumped red balloons. that’s fine but heck, grim reaper, don’t get me till i haven’t at least seen those and till World Peace hasn’t reigned yet. 😀

will someone please lend me the wicked? 😀 ooh someone’s still sleeping. haha. toodles.


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