-_- —> never gonna use that.pfft.

pardon the mood swings. blame the hormonal imbalance.

On the runway, it’s Auf Wiedersehen. In France, it’s Au Revoir. Down the coast of Mexico, it’s Adios. Here, it’s Toodles – but then, I’ve already seen a number of people use this and I’m so picky when it comes to getting away. hahaha. think of rebelling against conformity itself. I want to make something but I can’t cause I don’t have anything in mind. Isn’t that amazing? Something colorful maybe? Whenever I draw dark stuff, they end up really bright; might as well start bright. More on self-possession and obssession on that word. I don’t get it.

Well anyway, more to do. Dad thinks I’m fat.

JASON BROOKES, PLEASE. he’s friggin cool. wish i had that talent. hahaha. won’t copy him but i love his style. let’s all go to ibiza.

have you tried airbrushing?! hell, it’s hard. i’ve been sitting here for almost 2 hours and it still doesn’t look like my stock photo. dang. someone help me…or give me more brain noodle. HED KANDI WAS HERE LAST 22ND AND I DIDN’T KNOW. wtf. there’s this wriggling spirit awaiting to be unleashed hahaha.

omgomgomg. i have the keys to the “clubhouse”:pool,spa,gym,grill,fireplace,whole house. if this happened back there, i’d be delighted. now that we have it solo here, i’m still delighted. wahaha. come on people, party time. the gym’s grrreat. not that big though, but grrreat. gym continues till tita lyn’s house. this is addicting – or maybe i’m just excited – TO GO HOME!

more excitement? okay i’ll spill. just promise to read this really fast (and if you don’t understand it, read it again) so that the excitement will spread out. hahaha. three. two. one. GO! the 18th episode of veronica mars is more than spectacular. i knew they’d somehow end up together but that happened out of the blue! so, i texted cheska and she called up. it feels like i’m back in highschool with the giggles and eeeeeks. “omg logan’s so cute!” “yeah i know! when they kissed..oh he’s so cute!” hahaha. like hello. that’s on the telly! don’t worry. i won’t create some fan club for “logan”. i’ve got my own nee to go googly on. :p camille was getting angry so ches hung up. sheesh. i’ve forgotten all about the photoshop project that i’m working on because of this. isn’t it great? i’m now a tv junkie. wuhoo. O.O toodles.


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