conventional. nope, nope!

one mb to go and i’m hell shivering to death here. two jackets, two pants and two blankies. what more? cold hard torrent file that won’t download. *after one hour* oooh. more of those episodes, minus the draggy part! i’m hungry. cheerios, anyone? it’s whoopie season, what can i say? come on now, sugar, bring it on bring it on yeah! wahaha.vm20. someone please download it for me.

five in the morning to kick through thin air then something about the air changes: the vent’s on again. regrets aren’t made till something bad happens (which eventually backfired and now i have someone to make world peace with. HAHA you loser.), are they? lucky for you, i’m no killer. lucky for me, you’re suicidal. leave me be if you don’t want your boiled testicles on a platter. savvy?


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