goodbye summer.

You must probably know that this has been the longest summer ever. I’m really thankful I spent it with the most important people in my life. There’s one fortunate setting in which I, as we should all do, must face. Tomorrow’s the start of my college life. Wish me luck. I’m kind of excited, homesick, too lazy, sleepy and indifferent all at the same time. Sixtreme, what did you guys feel?

Anyway, we went to swap meet today. I’ve got new shoes and some gym apparel. hahaha. We went to the clubhouse before 8pm. Tita Taan barbequed; Tita Bebe ran; I swam first then ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill. We had to eat already eh. pfft. I ate more than I burned. The thing was saying 300-400cal/h. šŸ˜® Emmy’s night. Got my allowance already. Wuhoo. The back of my head is telling me that I’m pretty scared right now. I’m shivering cause of the aircon too. No biggie. Toodles.


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