waduff fifol. HAHAHA. yikes. not like that please. the excitement is to hard to contain! i’ll rush this cause it might take a century to finish my story. in the morning, i crammed preparing for the whole thing cause i woke up late due to my lack of responsibility and strong urge to extend my snoozing. tita gina picked me up and she went with me till i saw my classroom. my first class every wednesday starts at 945 and it’s all about the fundamentals of computer science. we’re learning binary stuff right now. isn’t that a nice way to start the day? i don’t know. probably not if i won’t get it by next week. my seatmate and i went to the other end of the campus so i’d know where to go next and where tita gina was. i went to the library to meet up with her then we ate at carl’s jr.

lunch time, baybeh. haha. i ate 3 chicken strips. that’s all. i forgot that i’d only be able to eat till 635, when my last class ends. well anyway, we went back to the library. i used that as a great opportunity to rewrite notes, put lotion (cause it’s freaking dry here) aaaaand nap. as i was getting something from my bag, one of the people from last last week’s orientation said hi. someone remembers me! yay! hahaha.

english started by 215. i was there by 210 waiting outside the room only to find out that she has already started jibbering. she made us group into 3 and explain the different assigned parts of the course. during our turn, i said, “the purpose of this class is” then my groupmade continued by reading the rest. hahahahaha. the teacher said i’m going to be the next <someone. i forgot whom>. so okay. they were saying bad stuff about the subject cause they think it’s kinda irrelevant. writing. halloooo. a lazy part of me thinks so too! haha.

?como estas? err i don’t know how to put the symbols so bear with me. spanish came 10 minutes after we got dismissed from english. she’s funny. she knows how to speak ilocano though she’s greek i think. wuhoo. she also dismissed us early. oh yey.

that’s how my day went. plus jabar moments and oh yes, darlings, really awkward silences. i kind of black out whenever i’m thinking. hahahaha. pfft. i’m sleepy already. it’s only 938. wahaw mehn.

i also learned a few bad words in spanish though i’m not supposed to. chloe got stranded in a room filled with black ants. oh poor chloe.

please don’t watch the video juno’s going to show you. PLEASE DON’T. it’ll haunt your dreams forever.

i’m off to dream that freaking video. dang. no more eye popping for me. pleeeease. O.O toodles. before i forget, lemme shout it out loud. KOLEHIYALA NA KO. wahahahahaha.


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