more to come later.

arrrr. i got another class later: math160. haha. time before that will be for shopping books and returning my parking permit cause i won’t need it anyway. gym on friday if i’m not worn out yet. the walking and sitting and slanging part isn’t so healthful. since my class starts at 4 and i’ll be there way long before 2pm, I’d probably stay in the library or look for a friend. hahaha. wtf. chris is askin me hows my english and i said, i just don’t talk too much cause i’m shy. AHAHAHA. doyye. he was pretty amazed cause i had tiny papers with my schedule on it. anybody want one? it’s pretty handy.

the gym should be desserted. midriff anyone? tita lyn wears those with tight leggings. haha wtf. i’m still sleepy. time to go back to snoozing. toodles!


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