i might as well be dead.

yes. you’ve read it right.

i stormed in my class and found out i was early – too early in fact. the teacher was teaching his previous class. it turns out that i’m 45 minutes early for my class. so much for making the whole class laugh huh? good thing the guy beside me was kind enough to tell me that i should just stay there and bear the embarrassment. hahaha.

next big thing. tita taan and i ate at panda express. i ran to my class – english only to find out that we’d only have a diagnostic writing session plus that extended break because the teacher wanted to.

spanish wasn’t too bad. it was fun, really. thank god i had that class.

we went to borders to buy my dictionary and wicked. wuhooo. staples came next. i bought my school stuff then i left one plastic bag there. i only brought the notebook and filler. wahaw. whattabout the other stuff i left? gone? i hope not. that thing will probably get around town by tomorrow morning.

this precalc homework is lost in translation. there’s nothing i can understand so far. someone please help me. i’d do anything you tell me as long as it doesn’t go against my principles and the law. oh pleeeeease. i’m sleepy. wtf. need to study. need to paaass. toodles. šŸ˜¦


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