one of the worst days ever.

maybe not YET, but i’m hoping that was cause I might as well get kicked in the face if it wasn’t.

11:45am-got dropped off in the middle of the street because Tita Gina doesn’t want to park.

12:00pm-i walked and waited in the library. the chinese guy in front of me ate something then tore the label from his book. he asked me what the time was.

12:30pm-he slept. i was reading Gaudi for spanish but my head didn’t recognize the letters so i skipped it and looked for another book.

1:00pm-precalculus book was right in front of me – telling me all the different weird stuff i don’t seem to understand even if i’ve seen them before. wtf. i think i dropped my brain.

2:00pm-i went out of the library to call tita taan. it was about my books and schedule and such. stayed on the grass. ate ritz. saw my engl68 classmate. sat there and watched the grass. yeah, whatever.

2:50pm-i called tita bebe. i headed for math building even if my class starts at 4:30pm. what a losing choice.

3:00pm-sweating like some nasty fat pig full of fat. i hate that. so okay. i walked all the way to the math building then went back. i even saw my orientation mate. he wears the same superficial clothes who knows why. i get a lot of stares from older looking people. okay. they tell me to shut up whenever i say i’m seventeen. what’s wrong with that huh?

3:20pm-back in the library. i spent all my time there writing 3 pages of nonsense plus a poem.

3:50pm-bathroom break. befriended Audrey. she’s a filipina too. i’ve been sitting with her since 3:20. so okay she also got surprised cause i was younger. she’s 19. not bad. i’d meet here there again this thursday.

4:10pm-brisk walked to 40c. that’s across the campus. think about the biggest community college in the country. that’s torture to my feet.

4:15pm-got there. asked 2 people if they’re waiting for math160. turns out they’re only waiting for their friends. i went in and sat in front. oh yes that was freaking great. all that happened until 6:30pm was blabber. i had no idea what he’s talking about. maybe cause i didn’t review and maybe because my head was killing me considering i don’t have a brain anymore. this class proved my brainless feat. ms. lagud and mrs. sulit, i miss you! hahahahaha. it’s all about functions, lines, curves, sines and graphs. we have a homework and a quiz this thursday.

6:30pm-they texted me that tita gina’s already waiting for me. she’s in the library so i walked back. alllll the waaaaay back. someone please invent flying shoes. she already has her student id. i thought we’d get ours together that’s why i didn’t get mine earlier. okay she even got a little bit angry cause i shouldn’t have wasted my time. more on the head pumping madness. we went to the bursar’s office. i had my id picture taken. the guy behind me got his id first. i told tita gina the guy in the counter was pretty amazed by my cuteness that’s why he held on to it. hahahahaha. kidding man. he’s freaky. she got a check mailed to me for the refund of my parking permit.

6:45pm- the mtsac book rac is right beside the bursar’s office so we went there. i had a list of books to buy. tita gina and i argued all the time which book to get cause “this one’s better see? the edges aren’t torn!” “no this one’s better! that has some freaky things sticking to it!” “it’s your choice. the edges are torn!” “okay fine! i’ll take that!”. so much for teamwork. hahaha. the three books all cost 207something bucks. not bad? uber bad. not cheap huh? the teachers are telling us that students pay all the way up to 400 only for their books – that’s an average.

7:30pm- she parked all the way out there somewhere and we walked. nyahaha. my head has already planted some nuclear bomb inside it  and i can’t think straight. i need tylenol or ponstan or advil or anything related with that. we went to loli’s place. tita taan was there waiting for me. she had to pick up her mail too. after a short while, we went home.

8:15pm- the angels are losing again. we ate dinner. my chair drank my water: i was holding the glass ready to drink from it. i poured it then it went in front of me. the glass was 2 inches away from my face. was that even enough? i almost sprayed the medicine cause of manic laughter. it tasted bad.

8:45pm- too tired to even barf, i sat on my bed and played with chloe.

9:15pm- i fell asleep. tita bebe put my things here. i forgot them back there by the counter. i went back to sleep.
9:30pm- eew. it’s the same shirt. i changed and brushed my teeth and slept. whatta dream. none of that please. it’s about cheating other people. that hurts.

4:00am- i woke up to do this and to study for my subjects later.

4:44am- so how does it feel like to be such a young fragile person in college? F.U.N.

4:45AM- I don’t think i’ll survive this if i keep on walking around the campus by noon time. tita taan’s taking me out to lunch with her later. i should be studying now. i hate love love love it.

my feet better get their spa later or i’m not walking. hahaha. toodles.


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