no more oversleeping for me.

slept at 9. woke up by 430am. slept again and woke up by 7. slept again and woke again by 715. slept again and woke up by 830. wtf. i was hoping that my dream would leave me but noooo, it kept on continuing itself even if i woke and slept the whole time!

it’s about something like the great flood. i told my mom we should buy airplane tickets so that we’d be on air whenever this happened. that’s what nee and his family did. my family was having this conference on whether we should take the plane or go by land or water. mami didn’t want to go. i kept on forcing her. everything was in total chaos and i didn’t know where to go. i went to some underground mall and looked for some things then mom said trina, nicki and i should leave. i didn’t know what to feel so i did!!! oh my goood. why did we leave them there?! we were at the top of a hill when we saw the water collapse the dam and it rapidly filled the valley beneath us. good thing we were at a high place. i saw this hugh blue building with a receptionist at the door. he was telling people to go in and they’ll be safe but people kept on ignoring him instead. we went in and got a room in the topmost floor.

i went out and saw the whole place flooded with no people. when i went in, nee was there with his siblings. omg. he was angry with me and i don’t know why. that was plain torture. i lost my family then my nee. the fridge didn’t have a lot of food. our cellphones didn’t have enough batteries. i told them we’d turn one phone on till it’s over. as i poked my head into the fridge and even if there was corn enough for us, it was totally hopeless. i heard voices then trina (who dyed her hair blue haha) pulled me out. i poked my head into another cupboard and heard some more. i couldn’t take it so i said i’d go out for a walk. one area was dry. it was like a road between the mountain and the valley filled with water. i was in a car with tetet, patty and juno. i told tet that we were in front of kuya carlo’s house and that i needed to borrow a camera. so she went out and got one. we drove along and found that on the mountain were ethnic people dancing and having fun. i saw dom, tan, ej and other neighbors. hahaha. i told them to get in the car then i surveyed the place. they had racks of crossword puzzles and games on one side and i read one about some insect carrying our memories. it only comes out during these times.

depression sank in and i left with them crying. we went home and i did the laundry but this part, all i can see was black so i only heard voices. it has been a week since nee’s angry and i didn’t know. waaaah. i kept on crying. i asked tan why his pants were wet at the bottom for 10″ high. he told me those were fishing pants used to lure fish. whattabout. hahaha.

by this time i woke up again then slept again. i only saw a taped news. the philippines became one small island – maybe all the islands stuck onto one another. the fault lines were predicted to have been the reason why it’s moving closer to the states. the voice-over said this can’t happen.

then, i sat up, too sad and perplexed to even study calculus. pfft. sorry for the long entry. i notice this just now: most of my long nightmare-ish dreams have villainous waters. wish me luck in calculus. things are slowly clearing up and yeeeeah, if some calamity should cause the philippines in order to be nearer to the states, please forget all about it. who would want people dying, eh? toodles.


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