control myself.

i’m starting to grow up. yes i can tell. waha.

papa asked me if i’ve grown taller. eh?! i wish! haha. anyway, this evening(sept29), i cooked my early dinner. i thought we’re going to have a late dinner and cause i’m so gluttonous, i just HAD to eat some more. my tummy invited and devoured the veggie burger, though the veggie part is pointless cause i added tortilla/spicy ground beef to the patty cause i’m too lazy to fry garlic and onions for the patty. haha. the point is… I COOKED. wahahahaha.

i’m planning to change my phone…cause it got wet this afternoon while i was swimming. my narcissistic self wanted to take pictures while swimming so i did. my narcissistic self is also a bit stupid, i guess. i’m planning to buy the D&G razr/ n80? or whichever of the n-series/blackberry pearl ed?/O2. my berdey and christmas gift to myself cause i’m such a self-loving brat. haha. the catch with such a gift is the fact that i have to save up to a thousand times more than what i have right now…which is a third of how much each of those phones cost…except for the d&g which is greatly cheaper back in pinas. haha.

lists. i miss making them even though i made one only a while ago. it’s about what i want to save moolah for. (saving moolah for nothing is pointlessly empty.) i’m writing cause i can’t sleep and this is such a great therapy. okay. now i’m sleepy. i miss… 🙂

heehee. toodles.

tita irene bought trina and me some clothes. wuhoo. haha. i should’ve gotten up earlier so she’d taken me with her but no, i was too caught up with my dream, which i forgot. she said i should save a hundred for shopping in that wondrous place. oh i will. she didn’t even have to tell me! mwahaha. i ate a banana for breakfast (12:00) and loli’s yummy stew for lunch (1:00).  a nice way to start anyone’s day is by watching a scary movie. heck, i watched the ring two. it’s not that scary but i bet i won’t be able to sleep till the sun is up this evening. we’ll watch the baseball game later. oooh, i’m so excited not to do my projects. haha.

i’m going to upload the stupid swimming pictures later. too bad i can’t swim today cause it’s cooooold – not really, it’s just a bit cloudy. i can’t wait to swim on winter. HAHA. they’ll heat the pool and jacuzzi. oh yey. in the mean time, i must get back to my procrastination and start doing something else like stalking. i’ve found the best person to stalk and he even volunteered himself!!! it’s so fun!!!

to all ye who want presents or anything from this material world, tell me asap so i can buy them for you. oh and if you’re staying here, too, tell me if you want me to bring them home to your friends. dba, faye? i’ll be ms. claus this year – and mind you, THIS YEAR ONLY. or maybe if i’m in the mood or something.

there goes my multifaceted opinionated self. VITA DI AMORE!!! (do you know what that means???) toodles. signatureb


woah today’s friday?!

that’s so weird. i thought today’s only uhm the day between thursday and friday. ooh if only we had 8 days in a week. 3 weekends, 5 weekdays. haha. i’m too lazy to do anything productive today so maybe i’ll just take a long bath or swim till my heart starts pumping gatorade. did you know that they ask for your id whenever buying red bull or those other power drinks? yeah, that’s simply understated.

my california id says i’m going to be 18 next year and 21 on 2011 which means i can’t can’t can’t slip through casinos to tap the machines till 2001!!! haha. too sad.

six degrees was nice. ugly betty here is betty la fea way back in pinas. isn’t that so fab? doh. yeah okay. ooh doritos.

this morning, i decided to write PRODUCTIVITY on my forehead and it stuck. the laundry room is now half-clean. (i wasn’t able to reach the high shelves and the bottom boxes.) the pantry is also half-clean. (the pool was so tempting that i left the pantry to swim.) the pool is also clean. (doh. i had to swim in it didn’t i?)

the drawer beside the stove is also clean. oh and i got freebies. hehehe. free coins. 3 tubes of moisturizers, one brand new wet n wild lipstick (that’s tita lyn’s), a nemo keychain, nicki’s old milk bottle, some other stuff and last but not least… a coin sorter with taz on it. how cool is that?

oh joy.

how stupid can it get? i fell asleep while they were announcing the winners of project runway. OH WOW. then while my eyes were closed, tita gina changed the channel. i woke up 5 minutes after the show ended. great. just great. the show haunted me in my dreams like a freak show.

today’s list? laundry, precalc homeworksss, engl68 5 sentence outline, review in csci110 and in span1+workbook and LAB, and more laundry. i have two bags of dirty clothes since last saturday. what’s up with that?

you may notice that i’m not really making any sense in writing anymore – even if i have english writing as a great subject. haha. i’m not in the mood to write – oh and there’s nothing oh so great to write about.

that was this morning. this is now. err…let’s spill. typhoon milenyo’s totally driving me nuts. there’s no one my age to talk with. there’s this nagging headache i can’t get rid of. my eyes are practically glued to the telly on thursday nights, so someone please buy me those contacts or repair both my wasted glasses? 😀 did you know that it’s fun to stalk? i mean, really. hahahaha.

during these times, when i’ve got nothing left to do but go emo or something, you’ll probably guess that i’m homesick and i’ll probably tell you you’re right. i’ve been looking at some other people’s multiply photos and gosh, i do miss them. i miss those black haired not so hairy friends of mine. hahaha. yeah, they’re all hairy here. HAHA. sheeesh. i better go sleep since i have a long day of cleaning the house tomorrow… oh and i have to paint too. tita taan’s telling me it could earn big bucks. haha. i wish. announcement to stalking bugs, pics in my multiply have been uploaded.

mom and i are talking right now. oh great. THAT seeped in. i despise THAT. fine. i’ll dissolve any written opinion about THAT. did you know that uhm err… i don’t know it either.

vita di amore. toodles.


wonder waitress at your service.

it’s irrational but my hair almost kinds of dictates my mood. it even makes people want to talk. hah. freaky.

thank god lisa allowed late lab manuals in span. thank god english and computer weren’t such drags. i even forgot how hungry i was. what’s with the philippines? no one’s online!!! gosh is ym whacked or what?

would you please move the trip to bryce canyon next week or something? why can’t i go? okay. i really feel kicked out of that house. i hate that girl. better get off my room or you’ll really get some confronting.

time to watch p.runway’s season finale and oth season premiere. toodles.


evil-ness owns the house.

part of entry deleted for certain unwanted reasons.

hah. sorry bout such beechiness.

procrastination nation, here i come.

10pm. compsci project;; engl68 hwssss;; span1 lab. – very important;; sew clothes;; clean stuff;; sleep.

see? that’s a freaking lot and here i am listening to JT’s sexy back which is finally ending and crossfading to Take me as I am. that song was hollered out on my other entry. well anyway, i’ll get back to ranting after i finish my spanish lab.

guess what?! i had to listen to 33+ tracks of spanish speaking greatness. lemme try some. es la una y media de la manana y no me gusta estudiar espanol, computacion y ingles! leche! mwahaha. so yea, i’m cramming this homework even if i’m 99.9% sure that she won’t accept it cause i’m 48 hours late. dang. i’m so tired. after this, i still have to do read and make notes then review for computer and do the whole chapter for english. freakin school. check this… those people should die first before those seals. i’m dying here. someone please splash a bucket of water on my face. wake me, o great splashers of water. let thy great powers wake me. dang.



i hated myself yesterday

because i forgot to do the lab part of my spanish class which meant losing 10% of my grade.

tis the first time i didn’t get to write here. hah. vanity is an understated word for such a weekend. before that…lemme greet tita taan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TITA TAAN!!!

they’re all getting old. nyahaha. i got this really weird but nice dream. i got home and they(my family) took me to some cliff where the edge was walled with glass so that people won’t jump out. there were movie posters and the view of the terrain was nice. then we went to a store. i saw blueberry there!!! they were playing or something. i’m not sure but i butted in and after some time i went to browse the stuff. the store had a varied selection all the way from food to sporting goods. as i was about to exit, i saw nee there and i cried and hugged him. this is the weird part. mom took our picture then i saw myself hugging him still. then i had to wake up already. 😐

wish i’d really see you all. 😦

i actually miss my room in tita taan’s place. my clothes and all my other things are scattered here and the place is such a mess (to begin with). all my titas’ kikay paraphernalia are keeping me from concentrating on my studies. all their things are sooo fun to look at. para kong nagwwindow shopping sa loob ng bahay nila.

i don’t like HER. please. don’t force me to talk and befriend her cause she’s just off the list. she’s too snobby. di ko sha feel. hehe. oh and yea, tita irene is right hahahaha.

more stuff to do cause i gotta get ready for the birthday dinner plus my precalculus class.

.vita di amore. toodles!


happy happy to faye and jen :P

why do i have to heave in a really really hugh sigh whenever i see that? why is such an emotional state so overwhelming?

i’m still underweight but my appetite has grown up to ten times since i left the philippines. tita irene said i should go exercise cause i’m all bones, no muscles. haha. not. can’t help adoring these nails. think of enamel painted goodness. rose based with a top coat of purple shimmery loving. haha.

my lovely cousins are coming over. i think ches wants to watch a movie…but we’re both too sick to shush and keep our butts from getting kicked off the movie house. hehe. this coughing marathon almost killed me last night.

i had a nice dream. something really out of the blue. i didn’t feel so good before i went to snoozeland but it gave me a break from the nightmares and last night did make me feel better. it was like high school and college and summer and winter smushed together.

overwhelming song of the moment: take me as i am by wyclef jean featuring sharissa.

feel good song of the day: umagang kay ganda. 🙂 who’s the artist?

with no clothes to spare(i disappointingly forgot to bring my necessities), i’m going to the indoor rainhouse – the bathroom. so there goes the day.

vita di amore! toodles.


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