oh so this is the life.

good morning america! @_@

can’t sleep. i’m too stressed to wait for this download to finish. i already know the story. talk about surprising myself huh? hate this. diligence is the way to go. getting addicted in solving homeworks might not be too good if i’m spending the holiday in vegas. oh whatever.

it has been such a lovely week don’t you think? the hustle and bustle for this week ends here for me. college feels like college. at least it does, right? no more culture-shocks. no more funny barok days, though i still don’t speak the whaddup dawg whats up wanna come with kinda thing. more more more pimples. same weight, different hair length – just a teeny bit longer. wuhoo. new friends, new people. oh and who asked this…boys? lemme say i’ve got one back home. how’s the weather? it’s pretty heart-crunching hot. flippies can kill. random things can save your life. i know you don’t get this. me too. kidding.

too wild for comfort? gimme tickets to go back home. nyahahaha. gonna be a long day, i may say. faye and i were talking about going home – again. hahaha.

then this came into the story: we all have our happy endings. – that’s what we learned from ms.ben. she’s such a great teacher. i remember her stories well, too. what’s so interesting is even though it’s just an english class, she makes it look like we’re in some humanities-related course or so. it’s like the real world in a small box filled with 45 cute students. haha. i agree with her concerning that bold line up there.

maybe this is why we’re all looking for something. there’s this feeling that we’re not so complete yet, that there’s more to this – much more. in the mainstage, then, comes our happy ending. we don’t always get what we want but we do get what we deserve somehow.

there’s this teensy weeny tiny feeling of maturity in me right now. for the witch’s sake, do me a favor and agree with me. hahaha. finally, i’m my age and i feel responsible for myself. i’m learning to accept things as the way they are. what’s there else to do than that? tell me and i’ll do anything for you. this may sound too dreamy but i guess this will all be fine and we’ll be happy.

add a big sun-dimmer and sun-clapper to the flat world and we can all live in pluto. don’t you miss it?emo2

i want a heart locket like the one mother dear used to wear. pfft.

hasta luego, mi amigos. toodles.


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