numbered rant-athon.

my mind’s alive awake enthusiastic. haha.


1. don’t generalize too much, though this line is really redundant for it is still generalizing.

2. some things are better left unsaid because they will only cause an unneeded commotion but please do tell whenever some facts are to be known even if it would hurt.

3. it’s not a question of variety or possession or quantity versus quality; it’s a matter of trust and companionship.

4. someone once said that what makes us people is our reactions regarding the things that may come upon us; thus, i may say that i’ve been such a good girl to life that i consented NOT to kill it.

5. there’s a big difference between indifference and stoicism and oh yes, big amounts of lard.

6. if the boyfriend impregnates another, please do tell, it’ll ruin vm‘s life. or so i know.

7. do you trust me?

8. i trust you. period.

9. no hopes of getting it all perfect cause if it were, then life won’t be this so-called life after all.

10. i should be ready 4 hours from now but i am not because i don’t want to yet because i am waiting for someone and still, i’m waiting for my long  limo to come.

11. the composition is bad so pardon me monsieurs and madames.

12. they say the next number is unlucky. unlucky for me that’s what the fortune cookie said my lucky number is.

13. hiya lucky number!

14.  you know what’s hard in waiting? it’s the waiting…though waiting has its good times and bad times and i’d prefer and choose to wait than not to and go on living to see my life getting wasted on regrets that i declined on the past waiting invitation too.

15. it’s kind of poetic – all because my wisdom tooth is itching its way out.

16. i’ll stop at this or the next if you tell me to do so but i like annoying people so i’ll go on.

17. do you know what makes me mad? the thought that i’m across the pacific ocean and i can’t manage to even see you face to face. maybe people can live with that but i can’t.

18. i’ll burn a whole right through me if i don’t stop.

19. but how can i burn something if i’m even shivering?

20 i don’t know. i don’t know.

21. you gotta cherish multiply’s music feature. it’s legal.

22. i won’t say i am but i practically am in a state of february’s holiday fever cause i got hit by cupid and we all reckon he’s stupid – but no, he’s not cause he totally hit the bull’s eye.

23. i’m partly sad because i’m going to vegas tomorrow without my lappy but i’m also happy because i am, in fact, going to a place of sin and i can redeem my birthrite. kidding.

24. i’ll stop somewhere between this period. and the toodles period. toodles means a lot, by the way. toodles.


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