they say…

…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. yeah just like the money they lost. hahahaha.

i shouldn’t be spoiling the fun but there’s nothing to do cause i’m not of legal age yet. no machines for me. bollocks. they left me alone and it’s as early as 1:12am. i’m waiting for them soooo there’s not much to do, really. my tongue got burned by something i ate. my appetite grew ten times its natural size since last week. i got pictures for all the world to see. they’re in my multiply. no scandals of different people, sorry. haha. the vanity and metrosexuality of some of the pictures should also be taken into consideration. tihee.

mamma mia was spectacular. i remembered spotlight while watching it. oooh if only the school had that freakin auditorium. too cheap to handle, eh? nothing we can do, no. i want to go back here with nee and watch all the shows and not drink and not gamble (maybe just a few clicks?:p haha). then off to the wax museum and m&ms and coke and nascar. wahaha. okay i’m homesick and it’s official. they know it. i told them. i definitely want to go home. funny, isn’t it? i’m right here in sin city and i should be having fun partying ( though i’m not allowed and i don’t know anyone and they’d think i’m a wannabe kid cause i look like 10. i’m getting younger, dudes.) BUT i’m in the hotel room, all alone (with the telly stuck on baseball–angels will win.) and blogging. wahaha.

we’re going home later. calculus AGAIN. freaking AGAIN.

i’m loving this place, though. šŸ˜€



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