no title to spare

more calculus today. i SHOULD learn to LOVE this. O.o

not much to say but… I HATE THESE NIGHTMARES.

condolences to steve irwin’s family; he who died ironically. kudos to andre agassi, you fought well. go angels! 5 1/2 games back. wuhoo. to that guy who stole 20 bucks off a young girl, you should be ashamed of yourself. vegas, i shall return (with nee by my side)tihee. math160 classmates, let us not fall asleep like last time. chloe, my playmate, stop chewing my stuff.

dear family, i miss you all so much.

oh who’s tired?! i slept the whole day yesterday, and the whole morning today. how bummilicious.

lss on: take my breath away. go on, i’ll love that. haha. graphing calculators SHOULD pay off. it’s such a costly thing. pfft. a new discovery has been made: my calculator can not only save tons of stuff, it also has reviewers, games, a time keeper and some other stuff i don’t know yet – my cd drive won’t read the cd included in the package. if you want to buy such an amazing product, don’t hesitate and call 1-800-how-cool. buy it now! hahaha. the sony flash drive’s pretty amazing too. it comes with this compressing/expanding software. i haven’t tried it though. i’m too sleepy to work my brain off. engl68 would probably ruin my day unless i find a great excuse to get off the place as early as 2 (cause the whole darn thing starts at 2. haha). oh anyway, more chapters to study. the handout said: chapters 3 to 6. huwaw.

lss on: mamma mia! here i go again. my my, how can i resist you. (to start with, I CAN’T. haha. and i’m really missing my nee! ngrraarrr.)



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