shining like the sun

feeling like i’m such a big help to humanity, here are some stuff i’ve learned the past week.

  • Bush admitted the CIA has secret prisons.
  • KARR IS SO GAY. wahaha.
  • Suri’s cute but she looks like a he.
  • Aquafina tastes better than Arrowhead.
  • Tony Blair is resigning within/next year.
  • Paris Hilton got arrested for drunk driving.
  • Motorcycles have airbags now.
  • Angela Merkel, the first woman chancellor of Germany is the most powerful woman in the world.
  • Philippine Lottery Prize? P27m.
  • Sexed is a hit in some Pasig high school. no wonder.
  • Digital frames are now available. Remember your old photo frames where you put your hottest photos in? This one’s new. You can store your photos from your memory cards and flash drives. It can be connected to the computer too. What’s the big deal about it? It has LCD screens aaaand it’s still too pricey.
  • Uli or Kayne should win in the Project Runway. Jeff’s too mean.
  • if you’re such a marketing/business freak, go to
  • if you’re so artsyfartsy, try looking up at greg martin’s site.
  • pedos in spanish means flatulence.
  • yo soy bonita y bella. 😀 hihihi. take that in mind. that’s drop-dead important.
  • Anibal Sanchez, a rookie from florida marlins, makes a no-hitter yesterday. wuhoo.
  • try searching for the pitchers of red sox. one of them looks like pyro from xmen. he’s lester, i guess. nyahahaha.
  • speaking of pyro from the xmen, he’s got a twin brother who appeared in veronica mars. i’ve said that before. *_*
  • another person who looks like them is the person in front of me in the library. hahaha. why do they all look alike?!!?!
  • watch mamma mia. 1/3 of your life depends on it.

hey. at least we all learned something, right? okay, i’ll go study and transfer my notes in calculus. this is my last workday for the week, and it’s all good. (: something to surprise the world with? i recited and got a right hunch. wahaha.

listen to: super trouper. such a happy song 😀

this is long. toodles. :D:D:D:D:D


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