mean machine: so saddening.

(don’t read this if you don’t want to waste any time on my adolescent hormone-driven self-made drama on various whatnots in this ever so expanding universe.)

tita gina’s mad. her madness makes me mad too. at least there’s an eager, determined and patient side in me…oh, i understand college math, too. what was that line loli told me to tell them when they’re pissing me off too much? oooh. “matandang dalaga na kasi eh“. don’t sue me. it didn’t blind you, did it?

mean machine is up and running.

someone please kill me. this is pure torture.

gimme gimme gimme.

i’ll wait, though that doesn’t necessarily mean staring at the wall, does it? i looooove nee moooooore than ever.


what makes this bum herself? she’s too selfish and proud and conceited. so sad. 😐 people change. i should too. maybe i’ll cut that pronoun I from my vocabulary.

another memory came in. oh wow. “i’m wholesome and that’s a weakness” thanks a lot dude. that’s somewhat the opposite of being manipulative. that’s why my sister calls me gullible. cause i’m too cute not to believe in good stuff and i’m too enclosed not to give all my best in anything i do.

such a recollection.

at least i managed to shake off the long shiver phenomenon i’ve just experienced but it was suddenly replaced by some hard cold salty rain. welcome back to drama land, doots.

my mom used to call me that. 😐

let’s try to understand each other. give me some credit, will you?

my my, how can i resist you?

tell me the whole truth every time, okay? even if it would sometimes probably hurt me, let’s not dwell on false stories. i know you don’t want to hurt me. tell me everything. don’t worry, i tell you all too. toodles.


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