not that i’m such a philosopher. 5 things i’m pondering on.
why does the female brain have this flashback tendency that keeps on messing things up and making them worse? usually, the deal has ended and the brain still keeps on analyzing. that’s too tiring. why does the male brain have a smaller area for understanding the female brain? don’t ask me. i read that on some magazine. females have more of the emotional area. men have less of that. oh wow. they compliment each other. O.o

why do house, electronica and techno sound alike? i mean, there’s also a fine line between acoustic, alternative and rock right? why do they sound alike? why do people of the same races look alike? i’m not a racist, doh. i’m not trying to offend anybody. this is just what i’ve observed and no bad stuff here. 😀 look, if you’re asian, you’ll see the difference between a pure filipino and a half-half but not the difference between indians and palestinians. if you’re caucasian, all asians look alike.the good thing about it? if i want to be a filipina during mondays and wednesdays and a korean during tuesdays and thursdays, that’s fine. hahaha.

why do i feel cold when i’m sad and hot when i’m happy? maybe it’s my blood. they get excited when it’s happy time and they hide off to the deepest regions of this body when sadness sets in. is that why we need hugs when we’re sad (to keep us warm?) and hugs when we’re happy (to share the happiness?)

if we get the proportionality of a bird’s wings’ weight and its body, and set it according to the human’s body (to add wings), would we be able to fly? if the weight of the left wing, body and right wing is in this ratio 1:3:1 and we set it to our body’s proportions to grow/attach wings, can people really fly?

can a single person really change the world or does he need other people to help him? jesus wasn’t the only one right? he had his apostles. hitler wasn’t either. he had to brainwash the rest of the nazis to work for him. basically, no one person in this world can live by himself. we live in islands. we can’t be them. i need you. perhaps you need me too. 🙂

i remember mrs ben’s lecture on happy endings again. good luck on paris hilton btw. she got arrested while buying from in and out even if she’s endorsing another brand. haha.

time to walk the plank. there’s peter pan waiting at mid-air. toodles.



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