suddenly it feels all right.

first compsci quiz. first time not to listen to prof and ask for his help afterwards. he’s too good. he even gave a site for online bargains.

second period. english was okay. they discovered christina, my seatmate, is half-hawaiian, half-filipina. okay. she knows the word bakla. haha. quiz? open book for the first. second? one freaking mistake.

spanish. my hardwork paid off. i got plus 7 on the extra credit but my ink is running out of blood. 16 pages for a single back to back sheet of college ruled binder paper. mucho frio. i shivered most of the time but thankfully, my legs were still able to let me hop/skip to the blackboard to write the answers. this bright bright hot pink jacket is blinding me like some street reflector/neon disco light.

who misses nee? i do. who misses all my friends back home? obviously, guilty as charged.

calculus will rock the seats tomorrow. kinda sleepy class eh? there’s always a group in every class that makes noise. gladly, i’m part of that in my first ever class hahaha.

more of what happened during the first period. the one beside me plugged in his mp3 and played tupac when sir pop left the room. most of the other guys are too engrossed browsing the news or encoding some shizzle so they didn’t really care. there’s this guy who keeps on asking the prof and he’s really really annoying. it’s like, hello dude, that’s what he just said and you’re asking about it. waw. the chinese guy in my area didn’t listen to the prof. he asked me after class. haha i didn’t listen that much either cause i was having fun mailing jhonah and translating tagalog into spanish/english for my seatmate. hahaha.

jhonah, i’m so touched. balloons, anyone? šŸ™‚

…i want to go back to vegas. there’s this simple idea in my head the whole day but i’m not telling it here. i’d tell you if you want to.




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