hunters, prepare your rifles.

Am i too late to welcome the -BER season? Yes AND No.

We’re all in this season people. no doubt. you can’t possibly stop time to make it summer again and make that last, sadly. What makes this phenomenon beautiful is that we’re now in the -BER season and it’s pretty chillin. no more hot headed fist fights. no more pedophiles on the loose. a new fashion line has hit the racks. there’s more time to sleep. it’s more challenging to go on a diet and exercise. what’s better than all of these? it’s mating season. HAHAHA.
there has been a study that the male brain..or should i say instinct… is more active during these months. there’s a stronger attraction to their loved ones. haha. i’m not making this up. promise! according to the statistics, more people are born during june, july and september meaning they were happily/accidentally/excitingly/aggressively/hotly/fill in the blanks that follow/_______/______/_______ly made during the ber months. compute it. it’s true. i was “fused” during the end of september or the start of november. wahaha.
so okay, girls, watch out for your idling little boys. hahahahahaha. omgash is this sex ed or am i confused?!

back to the normal everyday blogging boring ritual. english yesterday was fun cause of “FATTY”. hahaha. such a mean guy.
my hand is still red from the random guy’s skateboard. if i see him again, i’ll make sure the wheels are gone and the surface is smooth like glass.
i’m kind of earning money by teaching tita irene how to photoshop and seach the net for fonts and add styles. waw. 2 pesos daw. hahaha.
project runway. kayne lost yesterday. pfft. good thing angela and that weird guy-whoever-i-don’t-want-to-think-of-his-name-anymore lost too. down to michael, uma, jeff and err…who’s the preggy one? yea okay. i liked uma’s and michael’s.
shooting. please, people, stop shooting other people to be able to unleash your inner selves. it’s not good for self expression to be killing other people. it’s scary and depressing.
anti-depressants. all of us have the capability of experiencing various emotions because WE ARE HUMANS. we don’t really need to drink drugs just to feel good right? a lot of other people in the past have had happy endings and unbelievable self actualizations without even thinking of drinking anti depressants. we’re not robots. we’re not perfect. i’m not saying that people should go and toss them off the bin because it’s bad. it’s just not solid.
my back. it hurts. will someone please give me a massage??? i’ll give you go-tarts or nerds or mentos! 😀 hahaha.
my dreams. if you’re not good or if nee will simply pop out of the story, don’t show up. i’d rather have a blank dreamless sleep than have a dream that will make me paranoid or give me pulpitations or kill me afterwards.

this. long. much. mucho grande latte mocha frappe. yo quiero ardo. 😀 you know the SOPs. love. give love and love some more!
hasta luego muchachos. hahaha. love the world. medicate those pedophiles, you bastards.hahaha kidding. too political to get off the stage now.




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