fergie’s new album.

listen to her “All That I Got”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Finally”. they make me cry. wahaha. oh and check m2m’s tell you i love you and what you do about me. i know it’s kind of “off” and so last decade but it’s slowly seeping into my head and turning into a deadly phenomenon called lss. @.@ (am i this slow?) i can’t believe we’re already seventeen guys!!! hahaha. how can this place be so lonely? oh.. listen to steppin out(slow remix) by kaskade. i imagined we’d dance. ngarr. i want to dance. haha.

last night, we went to the mall to go shopping. yey. i got two knits, a sleeveless hoodie and two long-sleeved themal shirts. haha. i didn’t even intend on buying anything. even skinny jeans won’t fit me, what’s up with that?! it’s a size one and it’s still too big! girl’s sizes are way too small. great.
i miss nee. uber miss him.

my california id isn’t here yet. so is my cs book. huwaw. thankfully, i’m transferring early. i don’t like the school so much. haha. i’d rather go to mit. hahaha i wish. (better start browsing for schools again cause i’m now allowed to travel and stay in dorms and such. wuhoo. gimme a job, please. oh and that offer to study in barcelona, can i take it back?! wahaha my golly. i should’ve taken it.) well yeah, people hope for higher standards of living but they don’t normally get it if they’re too busy bumming around. my cousins are in good schools, some are in the ivy ones. heck, i want to go there too. that’s why i’m going to study like hell is on the loose and wp is going to happen any minute now. can’t wait but i will. i just hope that nee will also apply and get in those schools. haha. good luck on your ACET, Nee! 😀 and to all the other ACET takers, may the universe cough up a million stars of luck for you. you might need it.
i started with two perfect scores in english and i’m hoping that i won’t break my record cause that would be so dumb, it would suck. below is my dream. haha i’m too amazed of the diversity of such a dream that i wrote it down! wahaha. i’m hungry… alexa, you’re my idol. i’ll copy you and exercise some more. hahaha. why am i getting vivid dreams again? i don’t even like some. they’re too morbid or too sad.

edit. mom and i had a conversation. finally, after a few weeks of simple drop offline messages, we got to chat and see each other again. mom, i promise i’ll work really hard and i’ll save money so that i can buy you cool clothes, hindi na yung mga cheap pinoy labels. hahaha. yes, my titas have brainwashed me with colonial mentality. i miss you all. trina seems to be having fun with her new phone, papa does too. damn. you guys should’ve told mama you had plans on buying. she should know!!! golly. i feel so left out till my mom filled me in with what’s happening in the family. dad’s in indonesia, he bought a new O2 phone and gave his walkman phone to trina. trina’s phone is going to be sold out for my ticket. haha. 😐 not a good sign. pfft. they’re not spending the saved money for me, instead, they’ll come up with new ones. huwaw. i feel so loved. mom, thanks a lot. i really miss you and i owe you and papa a bunch. how many weeks have i been here and how many times have i accepted greens? hmm. i’ve saved up to 1/4 of my roundtrip plane ticket. yey. i will come home, no matter how bad it seems cause i’m still emotionally bound back there, where my home is. seeing you cry makes me cry. ma, i love you soooo much even though i can’t really show it. i guess now’s the time i should really see why i’ve come here. like in a baseball game, i have to go back home to score and i’ll run if i have to. toodles.


in the dream, i am a samurai. @_@ there was a landslide/iceslide?! avanlanche!!! i had to face it cause i had no where else to go. i went to my father and he was analyzing our swords. wtf. i asked for mine and he gave me a dagger-sized samurai sword..whatever you call it. when i pulled the sword out of the case, it became bigger…like it was the normal size or something. i tried my father’s sword. it was bendable like clay hahahaha. anyway, i had to go save the house or something cause i have 6 or 7 more brothers and sisters (though i’m not the eldest this time. i have 2 older brothers. waw) to save. so i went to some area that seemed to have a faultline behind me. i made the balls of snow roll to the faultline. think of 10 times bigger than me snowballs. hahaha. i simply dodged them cause all the snowballs were enchanted to hit me. they fell behind me and i saved the world. hahaha kidding. then there are these two weird spikey things. in the dream, i knew how to call them. pfft. they bit my forearms and i hit them till we had an agreement that i’ll save them and they won’t kill me. huwaw.

when i got home, someone was talking to my father. i had to take care of my younger sisters and brothers as i eavesdropped. haha. the person turned out to be my father’s boss. i didn’t like him cause he was the person making the bad things happen. he wanted to stay there and blahblah. my dad almost said yes but he drew out his sword and went in battle stance hahaha. i saw the guy holding out a rifle and a sword. rushing to them, i let my father go inside the tent/house then i talked and threatened him. i don’t know why and how it worked but it did. he went away but the following day, my dad said we should go to the company. with all my brothers and sisters, we got into a boat and left my grandmother at home. she said she’d rather stay.

we arrived and my dad went directly to his boss’ office. my younger sister wanted to pee. there was some gasoline station before the building so with my sister, we asked for the restroom. the guy said we should go straight to some door there. when i closed the door, it turned out that there was only a knob and some empty space that they can see us inside. it infuriated me. haha if there’s such a word. i went out to kill him cause he was snickering and giggling because of his dirty mind. pfft. i got the sword and he also had one. i found out he was instructed to get me. huwaw. my older brother got my sisters and i fought the bastard. he’s kinda freaky. i was already bleeding and he only got scratches even if he didn’t really hit me. waw. by the time he was down, i stormed into the officer’s area, where my dad and his boss are. the door was slightly open so i eavesdropped again. the boss said i should stay in his office (it’s like a house per cubicle of the office. yea that big) to stop my trouble-making. deym. i didn’t want that to happen so i rode the boat and went back home. my brothers and sisters were already there. my grandmother said i should’ve turned my walkietalkie on so i could hear everything in the family.

the next thing i know, i was checking my mail. nee emailed me of his program. it’s kind of weird cause there were stats in the first part then there was this anime game girl walking and giggling and blah. don’t tell me that she’s his crush. hahahaha oh maaan. i walked in the house again and my eldest brother came in and he looked at me straight in the face. end of story.


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