that blue eyed girl.

at least, that’s what i saw from the screen. i had black-blue-white-colored iris(es?!). if only those eyes can get a little brighter. it’s all cloudy.// if tita lyn’s prediction is right, then i’ve lost my last one and i’m going to suffer for the rest of my life.// i’m sorry. i’ll wait till everything seems right again. i’m such a wreck that i guess i’ll pass this day off. i’m not going to do anything but yeah, hand me that full tissue roll, please.

this must be one of the worst days of my life and unluckily, i have to face this day with a face.

. *believe in the love.

. *to the first and only person who can make me sleep with a smile on my face…

. *i’m sorry. i’m hoping, wishing, praying, wondering, pondering, sighing, believing and all of the above, that we be all right.

. *feels so lonely.

. *emotional content: opm > foreign.




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