thanks, God. :)

strangest dream ever. please don’t let that happen? mom locked trina and me in a house where some gas was being circulated upon. i had to remove the window stickers and screen one by one. the police came and saved us. i got to live in some housing thing. think of the ghettos. i went back to some housing whatnot. i knew how to drive. they said the word gaiety meant to party. i got turned on by the bible. omg. that’s blasphemous. the driver left us because he wants to go shopping too. i didn’t know the girl i was with half of the time. what in the world was happening?!

i told tita irene i only had to interpret those dreams and they’d come to life in a somewhat related manner. she said it runs in the family. i wish the old maid thing doesnt. haha. i guess it won’t on our generation. 😀

before that. i really thought i was dreaming. i was literally dumbfounded and stunned for five peaceful minutes. the one-nostril cold ignited last night and turned up into some throat-crackling one-step-closer-to-feverland condition. oh please. but that’s okay. 😀

love life. toodles.



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