can’t think of a title.

do you ever get the feeling where you think you’re going to sneeze but it just won’t come out??? dang. it’s like that the whole day and i’m getting mad. crazy mad. well anyway, my classmate was peeking on my other classmate’s coinbank. haha. huwaw. i got a chance to at least stand up and ask the teacher several times and speak straight to other people without hesitating cause “i’m shy” hahaha. english is such a bore. i mean, yeah. nothing else. just the plain bore as it is. ms galicha must be more fun than this, i tell you. all my prof does is speak about random useless stuff then leave us to answer some things we don’t really know/like. what is that all about? all we read about are stories of complain and disadvantages and bad stories. that’s another thing. okay, this is my essay, prof. these are my points and my thesis is about not liking your subject and i’m not planning to take this announcement off my paper. haha.

anybody want some tanning lotion? tita irene gave me this loreal paris sublime bronze self-tanning gelee cause she won’t need it. i don’t either but i accepted it anyway. haha. my great great bag got ripped off a while ago…or did that happen some time in the past? i’m not sure but pleeease someone donate to me a better bag. any color will do. 😀

i’ll be working this weekend. loli and i will clean the house and tita lyn will pay me. wuhoo. i get to fold her clothes. haha! oh and i get to throw away stuff i don’t like for money too. nyahaha. if only jobs were this easy. she’ll also let me alter her pants. hehe.

precalculus tomorrow and i’m excited to study cause i’m too sleepy to think i’m not. that’s it. don’t be too harsh.

ready for this, mon? hehe. i miss those “boho times”, MOHN. HAHAHA.

Like a bolt out off the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dream comes true

-when you wish upon a star. nsync vs.




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